Google TV apps already showing up in the Android Market

That didn't take long. Just a few hours after Google's official announcement of Google TV 2.0, apps specifically designed for integrated TVs and set-top boxes have started appearing in the web version of the Android Market. You can use this URL to check them out for yourself. There's just 28 results when you specifically search "for Google TV", and not all of them are true Google TV apps.  The generic "Google TV" search shows thousands, most of which are just ordinary Android apps matching the search terms.

Google TV 2.0 update coming to Sony next week, Logitech Revue later

Logitech appears more than ready for Google TV's Honeycomb update, but according to a new blog post from the Google TV team, Sony's TVs and set-top boxes will be getting it first starting next week. The Logitech Revue will follow "soon thereafter". The updated post outlines some of the new Google TV features, including Android Market support and an improved user interface. In an interesting bit of humility, the post admits that the original Google TV software "wasn't perfect," and focuses on the simpler homescreen with customizable video and app shortcuts. Search functions have also been refined, allowing for a broad search across live TV, Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO and other video services. It will also recommend content similar to what you've already watched, a la Netflix's recommendation engine. A new customized YouTube app will compliment the upcoming Google TV apps that will spring up on the Android Market. The 3.1 Honeycomb update has been a long time coming, but Google TV users' wait is almost over. Logitech appears ready to send their Revue set-top boxes to retail stores with the software pre-loaded, and developers are already working on Google TV apps via the expanded Android SDK. Google also mentioned that some much-needed new partner and device announcements would be coming in the next few months.

Logitech Revue hitting retail stores claiming 3.1 Honeycomb and Android Market [Update]

It appears Google might finally be ready with the long delayed Android 3.1 Honeycomb update for the Logitech Revue and other Google TV set-tops. We've seen a few Honeycomb leaks lately and after the Revue dropped to $99 many bought it with the hopes to get Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich one day soon. The Logitech Revue is now hitting retail stores again with an updated box. This time right front and center it says Android 3.1 Honeycomb and the Android Market -- I guess it's time I go buy one.

Fandango Movies for Tablets app available now

Just like the big screen, Fandango is coming to our bigger mobile screens now too. They've just released the new Fandango Movies for Tablets applications and you can get it right now. Next time you're in the mood for a flick you can simply do everything you need right from your tablet, they even offer HD movie trailers for our lovely 7" and 10" 1280 x 800 resolution tabs.

Asus Eee Pad Slider review via SlashGear

The folks at SlashGear have got their hands on another high-profile Android tablet, this time Asus' multi-talented Eee Pad Slider. The tablet is a lot like its Transformer brother that's been on the market for six months already, except that the Slider model builds the keyboard right into the body. When not in use, the slider's keyboard tucks up underneath it, not unlike a 10-inch version of a QWERTY smartphone.

Asus EEE Pad Slider tablet launching in the UK October 24th

Americans have had access to Asus' EEE Pad Slider with its integrated slide-out keyboard for a while, but come next Monday, Brits can pick one up at their leisure. Asus has announced that the Slider will be available starting at £429.99, or about $680 USD. Retailers PC World and Curry's will be the first to offer the tablet, both online and in-store.

Total Honeycomb tablet sales estimate: 3.4 million units

Google was quick to highlight the continuing rise of Android on the smartphone platform at their third quarter earnings call, citing 190 million total Android activations globally. Google didn't mention how many of those activations came from tablets running Honeycomb, but according to a developer estimate, it isn't much. With the Android team's latest statistics, the total number of active Honeycomb tablets in the wild comes out to a depressing 3.4 million.

QuickOffice 5 gets previewed at CTIA with new sharing features

Let's be honest: office suites on touchscreen devices are never exactly ideal, but QuickOffice is about as good as it gets. The popular document creator has racked up hundreds of thousands of purchases (an impressive feat at $15 and $20), and it's being included on more and more devices straight from the manufacturer. The developers were on hand at CTIA to give Droid-Life the skinny on the upcoming version five.

HTC Jetstream review via SlashGear

The HTC Jetstream got its fair share of ink when it was announced, but not in the way AT&T might have hoped. People have been excited to get their hands on a full-sized HTC tablet for a while now, but that $700 price and a two-year wireless data contract is a deadly combination. But enough proletariat whining: does the Jetstream deliver? SlashGear ripped open the packaging for a full review.
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