Home screen replacement

APUS Launcher trades features for size

Quick, name the top 5 or most popular alternative launchers. Chances are, whichever those are, no matter how fast and smooth they seem to be, they are most likely fully featured launchers that take up space in both storage and memory. For those looking for even less needier options, APUS Launcher tries to go the opposite direction and shed off as much as it can to keep its footprint slim.

Jolla Launcher Alpha hands-on

Jolla is indeed venturing into the Android world, one step at a time. After giving Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 users a chance to test Sailfish OS itself, the Finnish startup has started the closed alpha run for its Android homescreen replacement. But does Jolla Launcher have what it takes to stand out from the crowd? It's a bit too early to say, but we take Jolla Launcher out for a spin to see its potential.

Samsung’s Terrain Home launcher mixes a bit of everything

Samsung has its own TouchWiz homescreen exclusive to its smartphones so it comes as a bit of a surprise to see a new homescreen launcher replacement that has been funded by the manufacturer's startup accelerator. But will Terrain Home actually be able to make a name for itself in the crowded homescreen marketplace? Perhaps it could, if the subset of features it seems to have picked off from other launchers resonate with you.

Gravity Home: A Live Wallpaper and Home Launcher in One

We all love the live wallpapers on our Android phones right? They allow us to do cool things like fly through space, play duck hunt, or even float through the clouds right on our phones home screen. Today I have something really unique and quite fun to show you. It's called Gravity Home and it is a live wallpaper and a home replacement launcher like ADW or LP but at the same time. Yup it replaces the home launcher with a live wallpaper and adds in some physics that makes your icons float around, neat huh?

SPB Shell 3D Review [Home Screen Replacement]

Welcome to your first - no, second glimpse of a home screen replacement that you're going to basically flip out over - the first look you got was back when we were hanging out at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, at the official Google Pod where we were given a full tour. And what's this amazing environment called? SPB Shell 3D - it's an interactive 3D animated environment for you to work in on your Android device. It doesn't POP OUT at you, it's not that kind of 3D, it's made to work on ANY Android device with Android 2.1 and higher and it's set to work into the future without fail.

ADW Launcher EX Updated, Several Awesome Additions Added

So you're the sort of person that likes a custom experience on your Android phone, but you don't necessarily like to hack, yes? You're in luck, as there's one fantastic app that does such a thing and it requires absolutely no rooting, ROM using, or tinkering in the least bit (unless you consider searching through all the new options you'll have to be tinkering.) This home screen replacement app is called ADW Launcher EX, and it's beem updated this weekend to version 1.2.2, a version that, in addition to all the fantastic features it's had in the past, now has a large selection of 8 nice looking custom docks, plus a few more minor (but neato) changes as well.

ADW Launcher EX Released: Silky Smooth

We all know how many home screen replacements continue to hit the android market, a whopping 36 and counting. Each with their own levels of functionality and cosmetic differences, they suit our devices up to meet our own personal needs. Ander Webbs has released his latest home screen replacement ADW Launcher EX for the low, low, lovely price of $3.30.