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LG Smart Lamp brings a little intelligence to bulbs

LG has just revealed one of its little incursions into the smart home territory. Unveiling what it simply calls the Smart Lamp, these Bluetooth-enabled bulbs are designed to give a touch of automation and tech savvy into homes without the need to replace existing bulb fixtures.

Google Nest acquisition officially wraps

Google's acquisition of Nest cleared the FTC a short while back. That approval sort of left the acquisition on a fast track in terms of being completely wrapped. And well, coming by way of a regularity filing that was filed on February 7th with the US Securities and Exchange Commission -- we now see the deal is complete.

WunderBar promises a DIY connected home via open source utilities

When it comes to the connected home, the conversation often slips into just how it can be accomplished. All OEMs have their process, and their devices are definitely smart, but do you want an LG house? Can you afford that? If you have a little time, and a bit of know-how on the programming side of things, WunderBar is probably something you should see.

Nest promises our information is safe in Google’s hands, will make changes opt-in

After Google purchased Nest, many questioned the acquisition’s nature. For some, it was considered Google being lazy about connected home devices and technology, simply choosing to flex their monetary muscle and snatch up the best in the business. Others worried about Google’s quest for more personal info. At the DLD conference in Germany, Nest’s Tony Fadell answered some of those concerns.

My N3rd is a unique take on home automation

Home automation is one of those new things that’s really an old thing, but we still can’t get things to do their thing. Several OEMs have made passing attempts at getting us to buy into their home automation schemes, but that requires compromise. We don’t want compromise. My N3rd just might be the answer, though.

Archos home automation setup arriving as “Connected Home”

Along with the Connected Self line of gadgets, Archos also dropped some teasers for the Connected Home lineup. Archos has promised a full unveil of the Connected Home lineup during CES, which takes place in early January. For now though, some basic teasing which includes how this setup will make use of a Smart Home Tablet or the Archos Smart Home App running on another Android device.
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