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The OnHub router is Google’s entry to your home

The Google OnHub router was unveiled recently as a sign that the mothership is full-on committed to getting into your digital home. Don’t be fooled by the classy, cylindrical design – although we wouldn’t blame you one bit if you did, it does look really nice – the router is powerful enough not just to bring you your internet connectivity, but also to be the central hub of Google’s plan to automate and digitize your home.

Nest app updated for thermostat control, intros Nest Cam and Nest Protect

If you haven’t heard of Nest yet, they’re making the bid to be an essential part of your home’s technology and safety – deep into the realms of the “internet of things” argument. Nest is all about being able to wirelessly control the safety features of your house, direct from an app, directly from your mobile device, through the cloud. We've been hearing about this for a while now, but the time is now here -- the Nest app has now been updated, and Nest is also intro-ing some sweet new elements and products.

Haier to peddle Android fridge in Asian markets

We still think somehow that the phrase the “Internet of things” is just a concept, not realizing that this concept is already in the here and now. Try explaining the concept to China-based consumer electronics outfit Haier and they’ll actually show you what the concept means – most probably through their new Haier AQUA smart refrigerator tentatively called the “DIGI Type 1”.

Cook with the perfect temperature with the Meld Knob + Clip system

We've heard of smart appliances, from refrigerators to coffee makers to sound systems, which aren't perfect yet but do make our life easier. This new Kickstarter campaign is probably the first automated range knob plus precision temperature sensor that will work together with a special app to give you the "perfect meal", at least temperature wise. The Meld Knob + Clip system was created to help solve temperature issues for both novice cooks and even cooking experts who find it hard to exactly define what medium-high is.

Rico smart-home security device uses old smartphone for brains

I'd wager that most of us have at least one old smartphone sitting in the house somewhere unused. A new product has turned up that is called Rico and looks a bit like Wall-E's girlfriend from the animated film. Rico is designed to be a home security device and it can use an old smartphone for its eyes and brain.

Notion home intelligence system makes home alarms smarter

Home alarm systems have been around for a very long time. They are typically able to alert owners and law enforcement officers when something is going wrong in the home such as glass breakage or door opening. Notion is a new home intelligence system that makes home alarms much smarter.

Logitech Harmony shows a new way to automate smart homes

You may have heard of countless "Internet of Things" appliances and gadgets from the likes of Nest, Honeywell, or Phillips and may even own a few of them. Keeping them all under rein, especially when coming from different brands, might be more work than you're prepared to do. Enter Logitech's update Harmony lineup, which promises to maker your smart home even smarter.

Samsung to unveil new smart home products at IFA 2014

IFA 2014 is set to kick off very soon and ahead of the official start of the show, Samsung has announced that it will be rolling out new smart home products. Samsung says that the new smart home products will include services and products that will increase home safety, improve energy management, adapt to in-home locations, and can be operated using voice control.
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