Happy New Year from Android Community

Happy New Year! While the Android Community team will be enjoying some down time today, we did want to mention a few things. Aside from wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2014, we have to say thank you for 2013. After all, without you we would not be able to do what we do. We have a few posts planned for today that take a look back at the year, but quite honestly, we are pretty excited about the year ahead.

Times Square Official Ball App refreshed ahead of the big celebration

For many, celebrating on New Year's Eve means watching the ball drop at midnight. In the past that meant either being in Times Square or sitting in front of a television. But thanks to mobile tech, those same rules no longer apply. This isn't the first year there has been a mobile Times Square Ball Drop app, however the official app from Countdown Entertainment has been updated for 2013/2014.

Here’s a few app suggestions for your new Android smartphone

The holiday season is upon us, and while we hope you are all enjoying some downtime with family and friends, we suspect there may be some tech related questions heading your way. While not everyone will be getting an Android smartphone or tablet, it seems to reason that at least a few of our regular readers will be hit up with app related questions from new users. The Play Store is full of apps and we are sure you have your favorites, but we also thought some suggestions may be helpful.

Happy Holidays from Android Community

The holiday season is now in full swing. We hope that means spending some quality time with friends, family, and loved ones in general, but we suspect it also means many of our regular readers will spend some time helping that same group of people with their new gadgets. Or for that matter, their old gadgets that have been neglected over time.

Google 2013 holiday roundup: Santa tracking, voicemails and AutoAwesome

Google offered up a few holiday themed goodies this year, and what better day to round those up than Christmas Eve. The regular news is slow, you are likely getting ready to spend some time with loved ones, and well, some of these items may help to keep the younger ones amazed. Here we are looking at the AutoAwesome Snow and Year in Review video as well as the Santa Tracker app and getting a call from Santa.

Happy Independence Day from Android Community!

Good afternoon folks, this fine Thursday is July 4th, and most of us Americans are celebrating our country's Independence Day. This means many of us are likely out at the pool having a barbeque, and enjoying the day with our friends and family. We'll be taking the day off here at Android Community (for the most part) and enjoying some much needed time with family, and even the dreaded in-laws.

April Fools 2013: Round-Up from Android and the web

Google kicked off their usual array of April Fools jokes early on Saturday just for kicks, and now everyone else has joined in. It has officially begun today and we have a round-up of some of the best ones we've seen yet. For the next two days we won't believe anything we see or read, all while enjoying the pranks, gags, and rick-rolls. Check out the many that are already floating around this afternoon in our spoiler round-up.

Taylor Swift Greeting Cards app released just in time for Valentine’s Day

Trying to get all in the spirit of Valentine's Day, we decided to share with you this new app that was recently released to help you with all your greeting card needs. I'm not sure how much I'm going to enjoy writing about Taylor Swift, but she has an all-new greeting cards app for Android. Read on below considering today is Valentine's Day, and surely a few of you procrastinated just as I did.

Happy New Year from Android Community!

We wanted to take a quick moment and drop a hello to everyone this fine Tuesday afternoon. This Tuesday being the first of many fun Android days of 2013. It's all over folks! 2012 is all over. We hope all of our friends, readers, and partners had an excellent, safe, and fun filled New Years Eve this year.

Merry Christmas from Android Community!

We hope this morning you find yourself surrounded with friends and family, loads of gifts, and of course boxes with neat little ribbons and bows on top. It's Christmas! From all of us here at Android Community to all of our dearest loyal readers, Merry Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Hanukkah! And anything else you're celebrating this wonderful day.
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