V-Moda Crossfade Wireless: hybrid listening, high-fidelity quality

If you’re in the market for high-end, high-fidelity audio accessories, then V-Moda products will probably be in your radar, as they have made a name for themselves in this category. They have announced another addition to their family with the introduction of the Crossfade Wireless Over-ear headphones, giving users the option of using either wired or wireless for their hybrid listening pleasure. The makers say that they went through years of extensive research and testing to give you their signature sound as well as basically the same quality for both analog and wireless playback.

Get 15 hours of non-stop music listening with Bose Soundlink II

While wireless headphones and earbuds have brought comfort and convenience for us who dislike wires and being literally tethered to our smartphones, it also brought the problem of battery life. A lot of them have short ones, and so we are either left without our music for long trips or we’d have to go back to the battery-less normal wired earphones. Bose is now introducing a new generation of its Soundlink around-ear wireless headphones that is promising to give you 15 hours of non-stop listening experience.

Trekz Bone Conduction Headphones: no compromise on safety and sound

Bone Conduction sounds like a painful procedure that you undergo to fix something in your ear, but it is actually "a natural part of the hearing process” and lets you listen to music even without the headphone or earphone actually being in your ear. The Trekz Headphones, now raising funds on IndieGoGo uses this process to give you a safe way to listen to your music, with the promise to not sacrifice the sound quality (unless you’re listening to really bad music).

“Almost live quality” sounds come with Samsung Level On Wireless Pro 

We usually expect Samsung to come out with brand new accessories immediately after they announce a brand new smartphone, phablet, or tablet. A few days after they officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge Plus, we are now introduced to a new addition to their Level line of headphones. This time, we get to see and experience “almost live quality” sounds from the new Level On Wireless Pro headphones.

Plantronics rolls out BackBeat SENSE wireless Bluetooth headphones

Plantronics, one of the leaders in audio technology, has just introduced a new pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones in the form of the BackBeat SENSE. This new smart pair promises excellent audio quality and comfort even after a long period of usage. It's very lightweight you won't actually feel that you are wearing headphones during those times that you just want to listen and get lost in the music.

HELIX: Bluetooth headphones you can wear on your wrist

A pair of headphones can always be improved and there's no stopping people from coming up with their own innovations. It's probably one device that I don't really care about as long as audio quality is good. Sometimes, I really can't tell the difference but I want crisp and clear sounds booming into my ears. And so this pair of Helix wearable headphones has caught my attention with its unique and stylish form.

Adidas launches new Monster headphones: Response and Supernova

Adidas and Monster may be an unlikely partnership, but they did release some pretty cool headphones that were specifically designed and created to be used while listening to your music and working out or exercising at the same time. They've announced a new lineup of products that do just that: the adidas Sport Headphones by Monster. They have two models with two different functions you can choose from: the adidas Sport Response and the Sport Supernova.

Shut out the world with Phiaton BT 100 NC wireless headphones

Sometimes, no matter how good your earphones or headphones sound, there is still some sounds that filter in, like the annoying chatter from the other table or the unpleasant cacophony of cars, vehicle horns and people talking. A new Bluetooth enabled wireless headset from Phiaton called BT 100 NC wireless headphones says that it has one of the best ANC or Active Noise Cancellation technology that will let you enjoy an immersive experience with your music or with your videos wherever you go.

OpenEars lets you record, share 3D video via live streaming

If you think geeks are running out of ways to innovate in-ear headphones, you're wrong. There are more ways to update the headphones and one Kickstarter project was started to prove that we can do more with them. OpenEars by Binauric SE is the first pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones that allows you to record videos with 3D audio to share and stream. The great quality of sound is promised, as well as, reliable GoPro connection and HearThrough mode.
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