Google Hangouts get Google Voice calling, on iOS

Google has rolled out the latest update for Hangouts. This update deals with voice calling, includes Google Voice integration and even some animated GIFs. While all this sounds like a solid update, there is a disappointing aspect as it has only arrived for those with an iOS device. Yes, Google has rolled this one out only for those sporting an iDevice.

Hangouts for Android update adds contact status indicators

Hangouts for Android is getting an update and it looks like this time around Google will be adding a feature that many have been waiting and hoping to see. Diving right in, this update is adding status indicators for your contacts. Basically, users will now be able to see who is, and who isn't online at an given time by checking the color of the icon on their photo.

Google Hangouts gets HD video streaming, leaves H.264 behind

While you probably haven't noticed any differences while enjoying a quick Google Hangouts video chat lately, there's some big ones coming. Some might have already received Google's latest improvements, but most will be waiting for a greater rollout later this month. So what's the big change? 720p HD video streaming with Hangouts. The move from the H.264 video codec to VP8 is almost complete.

Google Hangouts updated with more emoji faces and speed tweaks

Google has been rather busy over the past few weeks. From updates to Google Maps, a new Nexus 7, Android 4.3 more, and now we're seeing another update for their popular Hangouts chat app. It started arriving for users in stages earlier this week, but the official update for Hangouts is now readily available for all. If you like emoji support, you'll want to grab it.
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