Google Glass orientations to take place via Google+ Hangouts

There has been quite some activity on the Google Glass front recently, with Google announcing a 2.0 version of its hardware, official accessories, as well as opening up its program to even more people. Now the company is putting into motion yet another big change in its program that will no longer require Google Explorers, the collective term for its pre-release testers, to personally pick up their shiny new eyewear.

Google Helpouts could launch in early November

Helpouts, Google’s feature to allow for a virtual assist via Hangouts, is reported to go live on November 5th. A twist to Hangouts, and the first official way to monetize a Hangout via Google, Helpouts has been in the works for some time. While Google has yet to announce when it will make the feature available, a leaked email may have done it for them.
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