Google Hangouts currently down for many [Updated]

Google is currently showing a "service disruption" for Hangouts. While that may not make the outage any easier, you can take at least take some comfort in knowing you are not the only one with an issue at the moment. A recently updated Apps Status Dashboard page confirms the issues, but has yet to offer anything in terms of when a resolution can be expected.

UberConference allows people to dial-in to Hangouts, supports up to 100 users

With news of the Chromebox for Meetings coming out, one of neat features is the ability to have massive meetings via Hangouts. Natively, Hangouts supports up to 10 participants, which is great for personal use, but not enterprise. If for some reason you end up needing more than 10 people in a Hangout -- but can't afford the steep price of the new Chromebox -- UberConference has you covered.
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