• Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition: hands-on from MWC 2014

    The newest Galaxy devices, to include the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit, as well as the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are the focus with Samsung here in Barcelona. Of course, there is much more here on display at the Samsung booth. We happened

    February 25, 2014 • Views: 1664

  • NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 LTE hands-on

    Along with the Tegra 4i powered Wiko WAX smartphone, NVIDIA was also showing the Tegra Note 7 LTE here at Mobile World Congress. The LTE equipped version of the Tegra Note 7 was announced earlier in the week. While the tablet now

    February 25, 2014 • Views: 1147

  • Nokia XL hands-on from MWC 2014

    As the rumors were suggesting, Nokia announced an Android handset here at Mobile World Congress. Based on those rumors we were expecting to see the Nokia X, but it seems they had a bit of a surprise for everyone. Nokia also

    February 25, 2014 • Views: 1061

  • Hands-on with the Tegra 4i powered Wiko WAX smartphone

    NVIDIA has been showing the Tegra 4i powered Wiko WAX smartphone here in Barcelona. The availability has been announced for Europe at this time, however we remain hopeful that it will spread to other markets in time. Not to

    February 25, 2014 • Views: 401

  • Omate TrueSmart smartwatch hands-on and first impressions

    We’ve been watching the Omate TrueSmart rather closely since the Kickstarter launch, and while we managed to see the watch back in January during CES, we got to spend quite a bit more time with it here at Mobile World

    February 25, 2014 • Views: 818

  • Samsung Gear Fit hands-on

    Samsung already tipped its hand on the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches, but there’s a third wearable for MWC 2014, the Samsung Gear Fit. The first of Samsung’s smart wrist-wear to include a curved AMOLED display,

    February 24, 2014 • Views: 1238

  • Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo hands-on

    Samsung offered an official announcement for the next-generation Gear earlier this morning, and since then, we have been able to get hands-on with the watch. Or more specifically, with both of the watches. These watches were

    February 24, 2014 • Views: 1052

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on

    We knew the Samsung Galaxy S5 was coming, but in its fifth iteration as flagship of the company’s Android range, we weren’t quite sure whether the Galaxy range had lost its shine. Having spent some hands-on time with

    February 24, 2014 • Views: 2334

  • HTC Desire 816 eyes-on

    As had been rumored, HTC appears to be shifting some focus back to the mid-range. Coming out of Mobile World Congress were two smartphone announcements from HTC, both of which are in the Desire series. These include the HTC

    February 24, 2014 • Views: 848

  • Lenovo S860 and S660 smartphone hands-on

    We’ve already seen the S850 smartphone, Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, and DOit suite of apps from Lenovo. And left is another pair of smartphones, more for the S-Series of devices — the S860 and S660. While there are some key

    February 23, 2014 • Views: 1385