hands free

Motorola Assist update brings talk-to-me home

Motorola has just pushed a new update to their exclusive Assist app, now hosted on Google Play Store, with an interesting highlight. Aside from bug fixes and improved driving detection, the update releases the talk-to-me feature from the confines of the car and brings it to your living room.

Handsfree texting shown to be as dangerous as regular texting

When it comes to texting while driving we often hear talk of going handsfree. The general belief is that it is safer to go handsfree as opposed to hands-on, however a new study is showing that it is not entirely safe to be texting handsfree either. This study was done by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University and it compares voice-to-text and non-voice texting in a real-world driving environment.

Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset available today, pairs with Android App

Samsung is at it again with another awesome and tiny bluetooth headset today. They've just announced nationwide availability of one of their newest and best headsets, the HM7000. With options to pair with their Android app, great battery life, and a sleek and fancy design this should make plenty of users happy. Plus, people living in cities like me that don't allow use of cellphones while driving with no exceptions, this will really come in handy.