Motorola ATRIX 4G rooted before release

The full system dump was only the start of things; Motorola's ATRIX 4G isn't on shelves yet, but the smartphone has apparently already been rooted. The handiwork of developer DesignGears, the full instructions - like the AT&T smartphone itself - haven't been released yet, but it should come as a relief to those concerned Motorola's policy toward locking down root access on its Android phones. That policy has seen some Motorola devices take longer to be hacked and modified for custom ROMs than Android phones from rivals like HTC, frustrating owners used to being able to tweak their handsets and coax out new functionality. Given that the ATRIX 4G also offers support for the innovative Laptop Dock accessory, and runs a new Tegra 2 processor, the potential for hacking and modding the phone is perhaps even greater. [via BriefMobile]

Microsoft Kinect hacked for Android compatibility

The details are scant on this hack with the geek behind the deed not offering up any details on how he managed to get the Kinect working on the Android platform. Still the feat is impressive and it's turning out that the Kinect is a very hackable device indeed.

HALO Reach Bootscreen for you Master Chief Android Fans

Oh the little things, they're really what gets us pumped up in the morning. This is one of them, and I'm sure you HALO fans will at least take a peek at if not use the following boot screen for all eternity. This is a bootscreen created by XDA Developer Chackanug who says he's been at work for 4 weeks putting together this epic bit of loveliness. Grab it instantly and never let go.

Honeycomb for Dell Streak 5 ROM shows early promise

Dell's record releasing firmware for the original 5-inch Streak hasn't been all that hot, so thankfully there are unofficial firmware developers pushing out their own interpretations of what the tablet/smartphone hybrid should run. MoDaCo member Stephen Hyde has delivered the first build of Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the Streak, a very early work-in-progress but certainly more than we expect Dell itself to deliver. Most impressive is that the Streak 5 Honeycomb install was done in a spare evening, hacking up the Android 3.0 SDK and dropping it onto the tablet. Right now the touchscreen isn't doing quite what it should, and since there's no hardware acceleration the 3D graphics are slow, but we're expecting that with a bit more time this could turn out to be quite a popular ROM. [via Engadget]

ROM Manager (ClockworkMod) Recovery Host Down, Back Up, In Need of Assistance

If you're the kind of person who likes to break your Android device down to build it back up in your own image, you know about ClockworkMod and ROM Manager. The fellows involved in this project have done massive workings on the insides of all manner of Android devices and they'll be recorded in the history books of programming as some of the essential unofficial teammates of Google's Android mobile OS. That said, as they are working for the greater good of all developers and hackers of mobile OS, we aught to offer them our help when something blows up in their face. Something has.

Honeycomb for NOOKcolor ROM released [Update: Video!]

You've seen Honeycomb running on the NOOKcolor in photos and on video; now you can try it yourself. xda-developers has released a Honeycomb ROM for the Barnes & Noble ereader tablet, based on the official Google emulator and various other sources. So far, graphics acceleration, wireless, the touchscreen, buttons and accelerometer all work, but sound and DSP (including hardware video decoding) are still works-in-progress. Nonetheless, this is a handy way to get a jump on Google's official Honeycomb reveal tomorrow if you've got a NOOKcolor to hand; if you haven't, head over to our Honeycomb deep dive instead. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!] Update: Our old friend Steve Troughton-Smith has put together a walkthrough video: [youtube X2kJaVnXhPQ]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Full Preview Guide [DEVELOPER FEATURES]

Hello there and welcome to your full guide and preview of Google's new Android operating system version 3.0, also called Honyecomb, also known as Android's first tablet-centric OS. The first of two main points we'll be going through here are is New User Features. The second of two points is covered in a second post - New Developer Features. In this half of the introduction to the tablet OS we're going to assume you know a bit about developing for Android already. Hope you don't mind. Let's take a look at what you'll be dealing with in this fabulous new system.

NOOKcolor Receives Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Ever since we first laid eyes upon NOOKcolor, we knew it'd perform well for the world - once it was rooted, of course. That was a few weeks ago. A couple days ago, an SDK of Android 3.0 Honeycomb was released. Today Honeycomb has been ported to NOOKcolor. What a wonderful system we've got here.

HTC EVO Shift 4G Permaroot by bcnice20 and Pals

The smaller brother of the EVO crew, HTC EVO Shift 4G, has just received its first permaroot. This is thanks to the crew over at XDA Developers Forums, in particular bcnice20 and some dev friends of his or hers (Joeykrim, Toastcfh, scotty2, Guhl, preludedrew, and riggsandroid and Cosine83.) This means that you'll be able to go wild and crazy with your device, hacking it all to pieces and putting it back together again as you see fit.
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