Android Network Toolkit app for Android smartphones makes hacking easy

A security researcher at the Defcon conference unveiled a new hacking tool that is aimed at the white hat sort that looks to find vulnerabilities that can be patch to make the network or device more secure. Naturally, the app can also be taken advantage of by nefarious sorts that are looking to cause havoc and steal data from unprotected systems and networks. The new app is called the Android Network Toolkit and it will land on the Android Market soon.

Get Android 3.1 on your Acer Iconia Tab A500 right now with new ROMs

Last week I mentioned that the Acer Iconia Tab A500 would be getting an update to Android 3.1 officially in Germany and a few other places on July 5. The launch date for the US and many other places has yet to be offered. If you want Android 3.1 on your A500 and you don't want to wait, you can get it right now via two new ROMS. A leaked official Android 3.1 build landed in China last week and has since been put up on XDA Forums.

VillianROM 1.0 lands as Samsung Galaxy S II gets first ROM

If you are one of the folks that already has the Samsung Galaxy S II you may want some custom ROM love on the device. User pulser_g2 over on the XDA forums has offered up version 1.0 of the VillianROM custom ROM loader for the S II smartphone. The VillainROM 1.0 for the Galaxy S2 smartphone definitely use at your own risk. The author of the software notes that he lacks the smartphone to test his software on.

Galaxy S II gets root-friendly insecure boot ROM

The Samsung Galaxy S II has only been on the market for a short while - and units are still in high demand - but we've already seen one of the first hacks of the smartphone. MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien has come up with a custom GSII insecure boot image that allows for adb shell root and adb remount. The ROM itself doesn't actually root the Galaxy S II, but it will allow owners to push the su binary and Superuser APK required for root. It also disables the flash-recovery script, replacing it with a call to /data/local/custom-scripting.sh. It's not the first root - one method was released at the tail end of April - but we're definitely excited to see more modders turn their attention to the Galaxy S II. While the phone itself impressed us in our review, we also saw plenty of potential as a platform for custom ROMs.

Skype takes action, removes vulnerabilities

If you're following the scoreboard, last week we reported that Skype for Android had a vulnerability which allowed a third party to harvest a user's data without their consent. Skype replied that they were taking action, but didn't tell us what it was. Now we know. Skype has solved the issue for now by removing the ability of a hacker to do so. And there's more ...

Skype Replies to Android Vulnerabilities

Yesterday, we reported that bloggers had found a vulnerability in the Skype App which allows hackers to harvest data from a user's Android handset with no need to root a phone or gain special permission. The problem was discovered during the testing of a leaked version of Skype for Android's new Video App. But it didn't take long to notice that the flaw was carried over from the already released Skype for Android App that's currently in the Market. Skype has responded to the news in their security blog, admitting that the flaw exists and they're working hard to fix it. But what can a user do to protect themselves in the meantime?

Skype for Android has flaw that leaks personal data

If you are an Android smartphone user that has Skype installed a flaw in Skype that exposes your personal information has been found. The issue surfaced over at Androidpolice when they took the new Skype Video app apart to see how it worked and found the way it handles personal data leaves much to be desired.

Hacktivist app fakes out and then embarrasses pirates

Generally, I don’t think Trojans and other things that can compromise your phone are funny. This one however is amusing and it's called Android.walkinwat. The app is on file sharing sites where pirates frequently download apps without paying for them.

Android survives Pwn2Own hacking contest

Each year the Pwn2 Own hacking contest is held to see who can hack various browsers, software and OS' the fastest. There are money award to those that are able to hack the software in some instances. In the latest edition of the content Google put in its Chrome browser and the Android OS to see if anyone could do the deed.

Google fills Android Market XSS hole

Google has filled a security hole in the Android Market that would allow the installation of apps onto a user's device without the user's consent to the install. The hole even allowed the installation of an app on the user device without having physical access to the Android smartphone or tablet. The hole was in the cross-site scripting or XSS on the Android Market.
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