Superfine mod comes to Samsung Galaxy S III

We think that the Samsung Galaxy S III has a nice camera as it is with the 8-megapixel resolution and decent optics. However, that's not saying we would like to see better resolution and higher image quality for still shots and video. If you want more than the smartphone will offer by default, custom ROM developer hyperX has released a new mod for the smartphone that boosts video recording quality.

Temple Run on Android tweaked for older devices

So the super hit sensation game Temple Run was finally released for Android yesterday, with great excitement and tons of happy Android users. Sadly many of you quickly realized your phone was too old or was not officially supported. We received countless complaints and comments from angry users that couldn't enjoy it. Today I'm happy to report it's already been hacked to run on older phones, and you can get it right now.

Wildfire S controls crazy human-assisted wings

If you haven't neglected your classical education, you've surely heard of the legend of Daedalus and Icarus, who escaped their island prison by building wings out of feathers and wax. Things didn't end up so well for Icarus, but one Dutch man seems to have had the same dream. Jarno Smeets is a mechanical engineer who's spent the lat eight months building his very own set of "Human Birdwings" capable of independent flight. The contraption makes use of an HTC Wildfire S and a Wii Remote to translate the "flapping" motion of his arms to the wings themselves. The apparatus isn't technically human-powered, it just translates Smeets' arm motions to a set of motors and servos that flap the wings for him. The Wii Remote measures acceleration and other factors and is presumably connected via Bluetooth, though why he couldn't simply use the one already in the phone is a mystery. The "flight" isn't much more than a few hundred meters and perhaps 20 meters in the air at its highest point, but that's still a pretty impressive achievement. Insert your own "Flying Dutchman" joke here. Check out the video below: [youtube GYW5G2kbrKk] Doubters have called the video fake, and it's easy to see why - amateur cameras, a seemingly unbelievable achievement, and lots of media coverage would make for a great viral program. But it's been covered and investigated by various European press without any serious evidence of forgery. The Mythbusters' Jaime Hyneman (the one with the mustache) says that he can't find any reason why the contraption wouldn't work, and can't see any faulty editing in the video. As someone who does crazy things for a living in a special effects capacity, he ought to know. [via Gizmodo]

Google pushes security fixes for Wallet, Google+, and Authenticator

A few weeks back, a Google Wallet vulnerability was found making both rooted and untampered devices with the application vulnerable to hackers. The crack exposed the PIN within seconds, and was since temporarily patched by Google. This patch disabled the use of prepaid cards, and since then we hadn't heard much on the subject. Google is pushing three security fixes today that not only allow for prepaid card usage with Wallet, but offer core system fixes.

Sony’s Google TV gets root and unsigned kernels

Now that Logitech's out of the game and Google's new partners seem more interested in promoting their own Smart TV regimes, Sony remains one of the few Google TV promoters left. And considering that the Revue still has a locked bootloader, Sony's set-top box and/or integrated TV remains the ony one that you can root, mod and generally get your hack on. The GTV Hacker (real name unknown) has released a patch and method for getting the Sony Google TV rooted and running unsigned, modified kernels.

Dev shows you how to block Nook Tablet OTA updates

If you have, a B&N Nook Tablet that you have some custom stuff on and you don’t want to have to worry that an OTA update will come along and ruin your set up, check this out. A developer going by Indirect on the XDA-Developers forums has devised a way to block those OTA updates. The coolest part is that while it blocks the updates, you can still access B&N servers to buy books.

Google Wallet port for Galaxy Nexus needs no rooting

We heard not long ago that one of the reasons the Galaxy Nexus was delayed for a while was some sort of conflict between Google and Verizon over Google Wallet. The Google Wallet NFC payment app will work on the Nexus, but Verizon blocked the app from the smartphone. This is thought to be due to Verizon ready to roll out its own NFC payment app in conjunction with ISIS.

Ice Cream Sandwich tweak: disable the home screen search bar

The new launcher for Ice Cream Sandwich is definitely one of its finer UI points, but at least one feature has minimalism fans seeing red. The Google Search bar gets its own reserved spot at the top of the launcher, now that physical buttons are optional and the Search button isn't included by default. This is the sort of stuff that the XDA-Developers boys live and breathe, so naturally they found a way to get rid of it for a clean and more customizable home screen.

Ice Cream Sandwich gets dedicated search button mod

Google may be a search company first and foremost, but Ice Cream Sandwich shifts Android away from a dedicated search button and replaces it with the app switcher. Using virtual buttons has benefits for modders, however, and MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien has wasted no time in adding a dedicated search option in the ICS button bar. As you'd expect, tapping it brings up the search dialog, just as the dedicated search buttons on previous Android phones would do. Google hasn't exactly excised search from Android 4.0 altogether - in fact the homescreen now has a persistent search box across the top, that's carried over all five panes - but this dedicated key makes it a little easier. Sometimes it's the little tweaks that can make the most difference to daily use, and this could well be one of them. No word on when exactly Paul might release the mod at this stage, but he tells us it will be "very shortly."
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