Android OS Outgrows Competitors 2 to 1 Through 2011 Says Canalys

Research firm Canalys has released a press release predicting "Android will grow more than twice the rate of major competitors in 2011." Powerhouse! Canalys notes that Android already claimed a 25% share in the worldwide smart phone market, they with 20 million shipments of the Google-based smartphones worldwide. Casting poisonous words like "fragmentation" aside, Android shipments grew more than 1,000% during the first three quarters of 2010 over the same three quarters in 2009. That seems like a lot to me, does it seem like a lot to you? When you call Android "fragmented," Android gets ANGRY - you should make Android ANGRY!

Samsung Aims at 60 Million in 2011, Will Reveal New Galaxy S at WMC

Sixty million what, you may ask? Sixty million smartphones, of course. Seem like a large number to you? It is. This year they sold right around one third of that, Shin Jong-kyun, the head of Samsung’s mobile business division saying the following: "I think we did better than our previous goal of selling 270 million mobile phones in 2010. The 20 million smartphones sold gives us a foundation to build on in the premium segment too." He told this to Korea Times on the sidelines of CES 2011. He went on to note that they'll aim at strengthening their positions in regions such as Southeast Asia, China, and Central and South Ameria.

Android continuing to surge in Cellphone OS Market share, others decline

Android is continuing to grow in the cellphone OS market, now passing Microsoft. In the three month period ending in July, research company comScore Inc. has documented the market percentages in the cellphone OS market. With all of the phone releases in the past few months on top of the openness of the Android platform it is not shocking that Android is gaining market share. However, the rate of which it’s occurring is very impressive and the future is looking bright for the famed Google OS.