Gravity Smart

HTC Status Free and Motorola Triumph $250 this week at Target

It's no mistake that we've got more than a couple posts each week regarding Target Superstore, it's just logical - yours truly lives in the heart of the beast, the birthplace of Target itself, Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesota. The ad you see below was photographed inside the Target which sits on the very ground where the first Target in the world once stood (unfortunately it was terrible, apparently, and they had to knock it down to make way for a much better building to house Target once again.) Wild! Now that you've got the facts, let's talk about these devices on sale: three of them are running Android and all three of them have a deal attached.

Samsung Gravity Smart Review [T-Mobile]

Welcome to another installment in the three mighty mid-range Samsung devices coming out on T-Mobile in these early 2011 summer months. This is the Samsung Gravity Smart, a slide-out keyboard toting single-core small-screen having Android 2.2 device that's just raring to introduce you to the world of Android from a lowest common denominator standpoint. While this device may seem to be just a lower-cost Android that'll allow you to message and play games in as basic a way as possible, you've got to understand that it's made for those just being INTRODUCED to Android, not for people looking to switch from another Android device. Switching from any other Android device (save for the Dart, of course,) will result in you having a heart attack at how basic this device is - switching to the Gravity Smart from a feature phone running some nameless OS will result in a song and a dance and a wish for greater Androids in the future!

T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart Hands-On and Unboxing

Gravity in the house! We've got our hands on Samsung's newest midrange effort in the Gravity Smart, a device sent out to T-Mobile to replace the Sidekick - no that wouldn't make sense. But it is a push-out keyboard having message machine, of that you can be sure. It's got rounded corners on all sides, the Samsung lip at the bottom, silky smooth plastic Sapphire plastic on the back, and a ton of apps that, if it weren't this particular set of apps, would be sending you strait to the root factory.

T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart PACKED with Goodies

Now you won't hear me saying this very often, rarely if ever in fact, but this device from Samsung and T-Mobile has a LOT of great apps packed in it out of the box. The Gravity Smart is a brand new mid-range Android device made by Samsung for carrying on T-Mobile, this one colored with a lovely Sapphire blue. It's obviously made to be a messaging machine with its unique rounded push-out keyboard with rounded keys and a rounded heart - and the bloatware inside isn't bloatware, I swear! It's sweet stuff, man!