LiveViewGPS tracks your stuff from your Android phone

If you are the security conscious type that wants to protect your important gear like laptops, cars, and other valuables from being stolen you might want to put a GPS tracker on the stuff to keep up with it. LiveViewGPS has a ton of different GPS sensors that will track your gear and even track people.

TeleNav GPS Navigator 6.2 for Android Live Today

Let's talk about this GPS navigator system here, this app upgrade, but first I've got to let you know that the upgrade to TeleNav GPS Navigator 6.2 is only available today on AT&T accounts. Harsh, I know. This update has a list of upgrades, the key components of which begin with Multiple Route Suggestions - each time you bring up your route (or at least the first time,) you get a max of three different suggestions for ways you might go. Click the one you want and there you have it! Quick Search is the next upgraded feature, the user now able to tap the Quick Search box on the home screen and type a landmark, category, business name, or address, this search now also including predictive search technology! Neato!

PacMap Location-Based Game Updated

PacMap is proving to be an interesting location-based game for the Android platform. Essentially it's a real-time PacMan game that uses your GPS as the method of control.

Hardware GPS Fix for Samsung Vibrant

Over at XDA Developers user KWKSLVR has formulated a GPS fix for the Samsung Vibrant that was originally implemented by XDA user Plato56. This fix primarily applies to phones made prior to October; to find out when yours was made just look under the battery at a set of numbers marked next to the S/N. Once there, the European date format will read something like “10.09” labeling first the year and then the month.

Motorola Cliq 2 for T-Mobile Images Leak

With HTC's Android-based hands finding their way onto the Internet before any official announcements, it's time for Motorola's turn. This time around, it's the formerly known Begonia device. Better known now, though, as the Motorola Cliq 2. As anyone should expect, this device is making its way to T-Mobile in the United States some time in 2011, and it's bringing along for the ride a full physical keyboard, and full MOTOBLUR integration.

NAVIGON for Android Updated to Version 3.5.3, Promotional Price of $20 off

Navigon, a popular GPS application for Android, has just been updated to version 3.5.3. Bringing in many new features and to attract new customers the price has been dropped a full $20. Included in this update: Address Click: Address selection from any app that supports an address export, launches NAVIGON MobileNavigator and instantly provides turn-by-turn directions. Users don’t have to fumble with addresses while on the go, and can begin MobileNavigator with the hit of a button. Contacts as Interim Destinations: Contacts directly added to an existing route as an interim destination. Reality Scanner Switch: The feature can now be swapped to automatic and into permanent-off mode in the settings. GSM Map Download: Download maps via GSM not just Wi-Fi. Please note: Due the fact that additional costs can occur for GSM downloads, NAVIGON recommends to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. General Performance Enhancements Includes - Improved US Address recognition from Contacts. The promotion price of $39.99 is $20 off retail of $59.99, and like all great deals it will not last. The promotion has already started and will end on January 6th, 2011. [Via IntoMobile]

Samsung Continuum Review

Welcome to the full review of the Samsung Continuum, currently being distributed by Verizon. Inside you'll find a hard look at whether the second screen is going to be a plus, a minus, or a meh! Preview: depends on the sort of person you are. I'll show you how it works in a video, giving you a few examples of what it can do, then review the rest of the phone in turn. Take a peek!

Notion Ink gets real on battery estimates

Notion Ink has released a list of ways you'll be able to drain your Adam tablet's battery in around six hours, as a counterpoint to earlier talk of over fifteen hours of "normal" use.  1080p HD video playback at full brightness and volume will do it, the company says, together with playing a 3D augmented reality game with camera input and 3G or WiFi for data. Solid YouTube or other Flash video playback over wireless will also sap power quickly, as will streaming 3D maps over 3G and using the hardware GPS receiver.  Finally, recording HD video using the Adam's rotating camera and streaming it via WiFi is apparently a sure-fire way to drain the tablet in record time. To be fair, none of that is especially surprising, but it does raise a couple of interesting use-cases, particularly the HD streaming potential.  We've seen apps like Qik do real-time video uploads, but the quality is generally well short of HD.
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