Google patent has camera checking local weather for optimal settings

Google's been on a roll lately with patents and they aren't slowing down anytime soon, even if a few of those patents are for odd features we might never see in a smartphone. That or Google is taking the way Google Now works to other aspects of our devices. This new patent has our cameras checking GPS and local weather to enable optimal settings for the perfect photo-taking experience.

Pole Star indoor GPS service will support Android

I think most of us know from experience that trying to find your way around a large indoor location such as a convention center or an unfamiliar mall can be very challenging. You can wander around in unfamiliar mall looking for a specific store or finally break down and ask some complete stranger where the store you need is located. Another option is a new application for Android devices called Pole Star.

ViewRanger for the outdoorsy Android users gets updated

If you're an outdoorsy type of Android user, you may be familiar with the outdoor GPS app called ViewRanger. The developers behind the application have announced a significant new update for the Android application bringing it to version 3.5.0. The update was released this month and is available to download now.

Apple buys WiFiSlam, looks to take on Google’s indoor Maps

Today we've learned that the folks over in Cupertino from Apple have just purchased the popular Android-friendly indoor mapping company WiFiSLAM to the tune of around $20 million. WiFiSLAM is an indoor mapping start-up company from Silicon Valley, one that many Android developers have been using to integrate indoor features to their Android apps. It sounds like Apple is trying to improve their Maps offering - and quick.

Menu and Hours app comes to Android for one city

If you are an Android using foodie, a new app is now available to download called Menu and Hours. The application allows you to keep the menu and the hours of operation for your favorite local restaurants right on your smartphone. The app hit the Google Play store as of yesterday and is available to download now.

Twist for Android uses GPS to tell your friends you’ll be late

There's a brand new app that was just released today for Android called Twist. We all have that friend or sibling that is just late for everything right? I'll be there in 10. Then they leave 8 minutes later are are 20 minutes late. Twist for Android looks to curb that by using GPS to give you a real-time alert on progress, as well as the estimated time of arrival. Read on for more details.

TomTom Navigation app gets support for more than 200 more devices

TomTom, one of the leaders in GPS navigation, has just dropped an update for its Android app. The update adds some new features, but the most important part of the update is that it adds support for more than 200 new Android devices. This means a ton of new people will be able to use the app to find their way from one place to another.

Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update presents GPS bug

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was one of the first devices to get the update to Jelly Bean (at least on some carriers), but that may not necessarily be a good thing. Apparently, Jelly Bean didn't come as bug-free as we'd hoped it would, with some Galaxy Nexus users reporting a bug that messes with the phone's GPS capabilities. The bug can make it difficult for your Galaxy Nexus to get a proper GPS fix, which could complicate things if you're trying to get somewhere and were planning to rely on your phone's GPS to do so.

Nike+ Running app finally released for Android

We have good news for all you Android gym buffs or users that love a good workout. Today Nike has finally released their somewhat popular Nike+ app for Android called Nike+ Running. This exercise and workout monitoring and tracking app has finally been expanded to the world of Android and is loaded full of features -- it's about time.

Russian app shames parking jerks via social networks

We've all been there: you're trying to park downtown and some jerk takes up the last two spaces in his Beamer. Apparently the problem is even more pronounced in Russian cities like Moscow, where drivers regularly hop the curb to park on the sidewalk. Local online newspaper The Village has decided to do something about it: using a combination of photo recognition, IP address targeting and social networks, they're exposing parking jerks all over town.
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