CoPilot Live v8 gets free local search & new premium traffic upgrade

While Google's own Google Maps Navigation app may be one way to get turn-by-turn directions on an Android smartphone, if you're outside of the US and not willing to hack your handset it's not much use.  ALK Technologies have just announced that their own PND app, CoPilot Live v8, has now been given the added boost of live traffic information and local search. Local search is actually a free addition to the app - the latest version is in the Android Market now - and allows you to search for nearby businesses and other things nearby, and get instant directions to their location.  You'll have to pay for live traffic updates, however; £19.99 gets you ALK's Premium Services package, which not only pulls in route conditions (and feeds that into auto re-routing) but live fuel prices as well. Press Release: CoPilot Live v8 adds Premium Traffic and Free Local Search to Windows Mobile and Android App Premium live services and free local internet search are now available across all supported platforms of award-winning mobile navigation software London, 8th Feb 2010 – ALK Technologies Ltd, a global leader in mobile navigation software, today announced the availability of Premium Live Services for CoPilot® Live™ v8 customers using Windows Mobile and Android smartphones. In addition, all CoPilot Live v8 customers across all platforms will be able to access Local Internet search from directly within the app for free. Packed with new cutting-edge features, CoPilot Live 8 makes turn-by-turn voice-guided satellite navigation technology more accessible, portable and affordable for owners of iPhone, Windows and Android smartphones. As with previous versions of CoPilot Live, v8 provides useful Live services designed to make journeys easier, and more predictable. Furthermore, Live Local Search is now included as standard with CoPilot Live 8. CoPilot Live v8 is bringing the power of Local Internet Search into your navigation system. Simply key-in whatever you are looking for, choose from a list of matching businesses, brands and other results nearby, and be guided straight there! An additional range of Premium Live Services is now available for all platforms, including: • Live Traffic information* - High quality, constantly updated traffic information about your route with automatic warnings and re-routing. Avoid stressful delays and always be informed on route conditions with CoPilot Live’s real-time traffic service. • Live Fuel Prices* - CoPilot Live v8 can instantly guide you to the closest - or the cheapest - petrol station near your current location. Spend less. The new Fuel Price service in v8 can help you find the cheapest petrol station nearby or on-route. So whether you are running on empty or want to fill up without emptying your pocket, let CoPilot Live lead the way. Real-Time Traffic and Live Fuel are available as Premium Service package for £19.99 to purchase as upgrades through CoPilot Live Central 2.0 desktop software or CoPilot e-store. For iPhone users, it’s available as in-app purchase. Existing Windows Mobile and Android users can find out how to upgrade to free Local Search by visiting the CoPilot site: CoPilot Live iPhone customers will receive access to Free Live Local Search in a forthcoming update via iTunes. *Live Local Search is available for CoPilot Live v8 in the following regions: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, USA and Canada. It is not available in Republic of Ireland.

Android With A Palm Pre Like Form Factor?

If you love Android but also like the styling of the Palm Pre you can soon have the best of both worlds. Introducing, the upcoming Alcatel OT-980 Android slider phone from a French OHA member and new comer to the Android game. 

Picture Of The New Samsung Galaxy 2

Here we go, another day another leaked picture of an upcoming Android phone. This is almost becoming a daily occurrence around these parts. This time it comes in the form of the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy, the Galaxy 2 enters the area.

Android 2.0 gets Google Maps Navigation Beta [Video]

While we may have caught up with the main features of Android 2.0 earlier this week, Google have been keeping one surprise.  Google Maps Navigation Beta is an update to the company's free GPS app, initially exclusive to Android 2.0 devices such as the Verizon DROID by Motorola, adding in turn-by-turn directions, vocal prompts, speech-recognition and more. The software - which is likely to strike fear into the hearts of standalone PND manufacturers and GPS software providers - has Google search is built in; you can tap in - or, by holding down the search button, search by voice - an address, landmark or business and get a list of results.  Points of interest (such as gas stations) along the route are also given priority in searches, while both satellite mapping and Street View imagery is shown. You can place shortcuts to commonly-accessed destinations on the Android 2.0 homescreen, and of course there'll be integration from the Contacts.  There's also a new UI more suited for in-car use, which has larger icons and a predominantly voice-controlled menu system. [youtube][/youtube] [gallery] [via SlashGear]

HIGHSCREEN PP5420 dual-touchscreen Android phone for Russia

Russian Android enthusiasts will apparently get a new smartphone option from next week, as Vobis Computer pledges to launch their dual-display HIGHSCREEN PP5420.  The 900/2100MHz HSPA handset has a 3-inch WQVGA LCD touchscreen together with a secondary OLED navigation pad beneath it. The HIGHSCREEN PP5420 itself is seemingly an Android 1.5 version of the Mobinnova Ice, which usually runs Windows Mobile.  Most of the specifications of the two devices are the same, including the 3-megapixel autofocus camera, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and GPS.  Each also has a TV output, mini USB connector, microSD card slot and uses Qualcomm's 528MHz MSM7201ATM chipset. According to Vobis Computer, the HIGHSCREEN PP5420 will cost around €360 ($507), presumable unlocked and SIM-free.  No word on availability outside of Russia. [via Unwired View]

Garmin-ASUS Android phone arriving by March 2010

Garmin-ASUS have announced that they will be releasing an Android-based smartphone "no later than" Q1 2010.  Executives declined to comment on possible pricing for the handset, but suggested that it would include GPS for geotagging photos and offering other location-based services. Garmin were first tipped to release an Android handset last year, with the expectation being that the phone would arrive on the market sometime in 2009.  While that is still possible in this new, official timescale, it seems more likely that the device will launch early in 2010. While we're all for more Android devices and more manufacturers publicly pledging their intentions, color us a little skeptical about Garmin-ASUS.  The duo's original nuvifone is shaping up for a full year's delay, and we'd really rather they concentrated on getting something out of the door rather than announcing new products.

Glympse time-controlled GPS tracking hits Android [Video]

Fresh to the Android Market and set to take on Google's Latitude is Glympse, another way of sharing your location with friends, colleagues and family.  Glympse attempts to tackle the problem of ongoing privacy present in many location-based apps; that is, you may want to let someone know where you are for a certain period, but not forever. Generally, location-sharing software works in one of two ways: either a one-off alert, which usually sends out a set of GPS coordinates either by SMS or email, or an ongoing connection as in Google Latitude.  While Latitude does allow for privacy settings, such as turning on and off tracking on a per-contact basis, it's something the user needs to remember to switch. What Glympse offers, instead, is a range of time-controlled tracking invitations.  These can run from a single instant, through minutes and several hours.  No special software is required by the recipient; instead they merely receive a link which takes them to a web-based map; the sender can also prematurely end or extend the invite.  The Glympse app is currently available through the Android Market as a free download, but the company is planning Windows Mobile, iPhone and BlackBerry versions.  More details at their FAQ here. [Thanks notxel21!] [youtube][/youtube]
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