Verizon to publish report on Government requests for data early next year

Suddenly, everyone’s a hero. In the wake of the public uproar over the NSA’s intelligence gathering, and Edward Snowden’s own data gathering efforts, many tech companies erupted in a backlash. Between petitions circulating for change and admissions that they had turned info over to the US government or other law enforcement agencies, many tech companies were caught up in a PR nightmare. In the ongoing quest for greater transparency, one carrier — Verizon — has announced they’ll be publishing requests regarding government inquiries, and updating that list twice a year.

NSA’s data gathering tactics deemed ‘unconstitutional’ by Federal judge

Calling the NSA’s data gathering tactics “almost-Orwellian”, federal judge Richard Leon has ruled that their gathering of data on calls made within the US is unconstitutional. NBC’s Pete Williams is reporting that the judge has decided on a case brought forward by two citizens, who ask that their data be removed from the NSA files. A district court decision, the judge acknowledges that the two were likely to win on the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

Google and Microsoft team up against the feds over NSA spat

The thought of Google and Microsoft teaming up certainly is an odd one, given all the trouble and past legal battles Microsoft has aimed at Google's Android, but it's for the greater good. This week we've learned that Google and Microsoft teamed up and have sued the US government. Taking on the feds directly in an attempt to have more freedom and transparency.

CyanogenMod details PushSMS – Secure messaging for Android

With all the privacy concerns in the news as of late, many users have been seeking out ways to protect themselves. One group in general is the extremely popular CyanogenMod who recently launched "Privacy Guard" which blocks your info from all apps, and now it appears they'll be putting their efforts into a secure and encrypted messaging service for Android smartphones and tablets.
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