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Corning’s A Day Made of Glass 2 video shows us the future

The company behind the glass displays on many of our current smartphones and tablets, Corning, has just published another video showing us their vision of the future and the possibilities with Gorilla Glass and beyond. While almost everything from the video clip is futuristic it does give you an impressive look on the possibilities in the future with not only Corning's glass, but devices and tablets as a whole.

Corning and Samsung team up for hardened curved OLED glass

If you're a fan of the curved screen display Samsung's showcased on the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, there's good news in a new industry partnership. The phone manufacturer is teaming up with Corning, makers of the super-strong Gorilla Glass, to bring a brand-new substrate to the market. Lotus Glass is specifically designed for curved screens on organic light-emitting diode displays, which Samsung has been favoring for its mid-range and high-end smartphones for the last eighteen months.

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 coming to CES, smartphones later this year

If you haven't heard of Corning or their Gorilla Glass then let me explain. Their product is essential to almost all smartphones and tablets as of late and are on a majority of all Android devices (not the Galaxy Nexus though) and their glass protects that precious screen of yours. We all know Gorilla Glass is tough but things are about to get even tougher with Gorilla Glass 2.

Corning: Gorilla Glass was not used on the Galaxy Nexus

Well, according to the official twitter page of Corning the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus does not rock the popular and highly effective Gorilla Glass used on almost all high end Android smartphones as of late. If you are wondering what Gorilla Glass check out this post. Apparently Samsung decided to not go with Corning for the glass on the Nexus, instead chose another route. Many past Samsung devices have shipped with Corning's Gorilla Glass.

Samsung Galaxy SII Gorilla Glass Confirmed

It's been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S II has been designed with Gorilla Glass, that super bendable, and hard to scratch, thin layer of glass which makes a screen extremely durable to every day abuse. The Galaxy S also had Gorilla Glass, so it isn't really all that big of news. But since the Galaxy S II is super thin, there was some question as to if Gorilla Glass was part of the design or not. Now we know.

Dell Venue Review

Because Dell has positioned this phone as a no-nonsense Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone that doesn't pretend to have the absolute best in any one category of features, instead aiming for a group of people who trust the brand, trust the feel, and trust the look of the phone, so too will this review be short and sweet. This is one of the newest Android phones made by Dell and it's got an in-your-face 4.1-inch display that's certainly not the biggest in the business - but it is covered with curved Gorilla Glass. This trend of slightly unique features continues through the whole of the device.

Gorilla Glass “A Day Made of Glass” [Video]

Behold what our pals at Corning have whipped up, a lovely video showing a world where glass is our main working material, showing us everything from the sun to our statistics - but wait, isn't that what it is already today? Sort of! This is the sort of video that reminds us that the movie Minority Report only came out a few years ago and already things like NFC are making its future-looking world very much a reality. This video also includes items inside the handset world, so Androids rejoice!

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets shot, Gorilla Glass proves its worth

We don't actually advocate shooting your Galaxy Tab, even if it is with a CO2-powered pistol rather than a "true" firearm, but it's a good way of demonstrating your confidence in the Gorilla Glass front panel. YouTuber metafonic braved his Samsung slate with three metal pellets from around a meter away. At the risk of spoiling the surprise, the Galaxy Tab survives unharmed and unscratched, and the touchscreen still works perfectly. Incidentally, in the second video you can see what a pellet from the gun does to regular glass. [youtube 0Kt7ckZ9Xho] [youtube QWNoFOmYe9k] [via MP4Nation]

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets Gorilla glass

We already know all we really need to know about the Galaxy Tab that is set to land in Europe soon. The little Android tablet has a lot of folks excited and ready to buy even if it is a bit expensive on some plans. We learned a new detail about the Tab and its screen today.

Samsung’s Galaxy S Gorilla Glass Getting Abused

The infamous Gorilla Glass is supposed to be some of the strongest glass for electronic devices, and is very hard to scratch or break. Most of us are still paranoid that we are going to scratch our precious devices, and we use all kinds of cases and screen protectors. If you are one of those people that are really worried about scratching your device that has a Gorilla Glass screen, you might want to watch this video below. The video is in the Korean language but there is no need to translate on this one, just keep watching to be amazed.
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