Project Aura is the new Google Glass, hiring Amazon’s laid off engineers

We’ve talked and speculated about the new incarnation of the Google Glass, after it spiraled itself down into geek oblivion. We know that whoever is in charge of this part of Google needs to differentiate the new product from the failed one. So we hear “Project Aura” is the new name for the team that’s trying to reinvigorate Google Glass. It’s also getting a bunch of new engineers coming from Amazon.

Physical Google Play cards now available in India

While India is considered to be one of the most sought after markets in terms of mobile consumption, one hindrance to its further growth, which is typical of emerging nations like them, is a culture that is not that big on credit cards. That’s why alternative payment gateways for online and mobile purchases are a very welcome thing. Google Play cards are now available for purchase from retail stores and can be used to buy apps, games, and other digital content for users’ Android devices.

Google OnHub Router gets the teardown treatment from iFixit

The Internet of Things is finally happening. It may be a long way before homes go digital and smarter but thank heavens for companies and gadget makers who are pushing to “connect” more devices at home, office, shops, or even inside vehicles. One of the active forerunners in the industry is Google and to start the revolution, it has tried to innovate the router. The OnHub is a new router from the Internet giant that reinvents the home-network system by adding more features that a regular router don’t usually have.

Smart Burst feature for Google Camera v3.0 explained

The guys over at Android Police presumably got a part of the APK code for the upcoming Google Camera 3.0 – this is the camera app that will go with the Android 6.0 release that is coming up in a few weeks’ time. This app will most likely be featured in the two Google Nexus smartphones that will be released (the two that we know of, that is), together with the full unveiling of Android Marshmallow. Digging around the code now gives us a look at what the new Smart Burst feature is all about.

Possible Huawei Nexus phone shows up at GeekBench

A new gadget showed up at the databases of the GeekBench benchmarking app, and people have good reason to believe it’s the new Nexus smartphone coming out of Huawei. If you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you would not have heard the rumors that Google is partnering with the China-based outfit to come out with a 2015 version of the Nexus 6 smartphone. But we’re pretty sure you’ve heard.

Yandex wins antitrust complaint against Google in Russia

Google has a direct rival in when it comes to Internet search in Russia. Yandex is a local search engine developed by the Russians that has recently found favor from the Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service. A ruling was handed down, saying that an Android phone sold in Russia should not have any other Google's products and apps pre-installed on the phone except for the Google Play Store. This one is expected to improve the standing of Yandex in the country as Google will no longer be a default service on Android devices.

Google Cloud Console app for Android updated with more features

Going digital used to be all the rage but now, there's a rapid trend to "go mobile". This means everything must be easily and quickly accessible from a mobile device without having to log into a desktop computer or laptop. With the advent of mobile apps, a lot of industries and companies have worked on releasing their own apps to make business more efficient than ever.
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