Red Bull Racer goes winter in newest game update

For the past few years, the Red Bull brand has evolved from being just a high energy brand to a full-out media entity, from racing events to magazines, short films and even a record label. What may not be that well known yet is that they have also been developing apps and games for the mobile market with Red Bull TV, Red Bull Kart Fighter and Red Bull Air Racer.

Hex:99 Android game: when something simple is really hard

It seems that the credo of a lot of new mobile games these days is simple is the new hard. Games that are easy to explain and understand (some even minimalist) are suddenly extremely difficult to play. But hey, we're not really complaining because if all games were easy to play, then it would be boring.

“Stalk” Santa with Google’s Santa Tracker feature and app

As December 25 draws nearer, chances are your children are pretty much excited for when Santa will finally come down the chimney and deliver their Christmas gifts (wink, wink). To stop yourself from going crazy answering how many days it is until Christmas, Google has once again come up with a Santa Tracker, to keep kids occupied until D Day with games, features and even programming lessons as well.

AirDroid 3 Beta version now ready for download, testing

We already knew AirDroid 3 is coming and now, the AirDroid team is happy to announce that its Beta version is now ready for testing. It’s only been a month since we learned that a new AirDroid is coming but what makes this one even better is the fact that it will have Mac OS and Windows clients.

OnePlus starts working on new Android flavor for OnePlus One

So much to say about the OnePlus One. Time-limited pre-orders for the new smartphone have opened and production of the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover stopped. Pre-order was actually flooded so OnePlus decided to open another one mid-November. We knew the phone will be available in India and will be expanding to sub-continent and that phone will be available exclusively on this December 2. However, we also heard news that Cyanogen tied up a deal in India with Micromax, leaving OnePlus in the dark.

Get LTE up and running on your Nexus 4, even on Lollipop

If there’s one thing most consumers probably didn’t know about the Google Nexus 4 (manufactured by LG) is that it was initially intended to have LTE connectivity. But since Google was unable to get regulatory approval for LTE on the Nexus 4, they locked up the feature via an update on the radio firmware of the device.
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