Google to collect health data through Study Kit apps

With all the digital technology tools that are available to companies now, it has become so much easier for them to make studies, analysis, and conduct experiments on different aspects of our lives. While some may seem highly intrusive, there are studies that can actually be a matter of life and death, health-wise. Google is in the midst of launching something called Study Kit, which is actually the first major undertaking of Baseline Study, which aims to learn and show "what it means to be healthy".

Google Maps improves real-time transit info, adds more cities, countries

It used to be that map and navigation apps cater mostly to people who have cars or are driving or being driven around unfamiliar areas. But developers have been realizing that a lot of the people who need these kinds of services are commuters or people taking public transportation. Google Maps has been giving public transit information since 2007, but now they have vastly improved the service by giving you real-time transit conditions and adding more countries and cities covered.

Free up space on your device with Google Photos

If you've been online the past few days, then you've probably seen various people, blogs, and news sites raving about Google's newest baby, Google Photos. With its offering of unlimited cloud storage space, easy user interface, and other various features that makes it both easy and fun to use, it's no wonder that users are loving it. Another new (or newly discovered) feature will make it even more useful for the digital native, particularly for those who need extra space in their devices.

Google updates My Account page to make it more user-friendly

If you're a casual Google user, you probably didn't know that there exists a tool so that you can manage the different aspects of your Google account, like your security, privacy, personal information, etc. This tool has been around for almost a year, but it didn't seem to really catch on to the normal user, except if you're a tech-savvy or tech-paranoid person. But Google has now updated the page so that it will be easier for you to occasionally check your account's settings, even if you do it just once in a blue moon.

Trends continue in latest Android Distribution chart

Google has just released the figures for Android's spread as of June 1 this year and it's business as usual in our part of the mobile world. No hidden surprises and no great changes either. But that does mean that Android Lollipop, both 5.0 and 5.1, continue their positive growth while everything else goes down. Android 4.4 KitKat retains its crown as the most used version, continuing to hold down the Jelly Bean triplets. And Froyo still refuses to give up the ghost while Gingerbread continue down the slope.

Google’s new app rating system now live on web, mobile

A few months back, Google told developers that there will now be a new app rating system, based on which region you submitted the app to. The questionnaire that they submitted will be reviewed by the appropriate body and then the app will be given a rating, depending on the standards of that region. Now that rating system has gone live, on the web version, and is still rolling out to the mobile version of Google Play Store.