Google Translate on Android Wear now available, covers 44 languages

Thank heavens for Google Translate because it allows us to "read" content in different languages and understand them after translation. According to the Internet giant, there are over 500 million users every month taking advantage of the service. And everyday, Google translates about 100 billion words all over the web. It's such an important part of our everyday lives that Google decided to bring Google Translate to Android Wear.

Some Google bloat apps removed from Mobile Application Distribution Agreement list

There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store right now but if we are to check and look closely at each one, we'd see that not all apps are useful, relevant, and makes a lot of sense to ordinary users. Oftentimes, apps are simply duplicates of other apps but with a little twist. It may take a long time though before Google checks on all those apps.

Google Docs, Sheets updates bring more productivity to mobile devices 

Despite the various tools and features available on mobile apps, some people still prefer working on their files and documents on their desktops. We can’t really blame them, as programs and software on our computers are still sometimes the best way with which to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and then edit them. But when you’re on the go and would need to do something on the fly, then we have apps that are continually tying to make life easier, like Office mobile apps and Google’s productivity suite. Docs and Sheets now get additional features for this purpose.

Project Ara’s module magnets failed drop test, new alternative soon

In technology, an idea is only as good as the execution – and in Project Ara’s case, we were ready to accept Google’s idea that “electropermanent magnets” will hold the modules of the concept modular phone together. Today, it seems that the execution part for these clever magnets have failed the dreaded drop test, and Google is looking for another way to keep its modular phone together – in literal and metaphorical senses too.

Google Photos web update: timestamp and album editing

Google Photos, at least the revamped version of it that is separate from Google+, is still a relatively new thing for a lot of users. We can expect changes, new features, constant updates, and a lot of listening to feedback on the part of Google. They are introducing several new things on the web version of the cloud photo service, which they say all came from the requests of users. No word yet if this will eventually translate into the apps soon.

Google News adds seven more language editions to its roster

While Google News may not be the most popular news aggregating app out there, it does have its followers and user base, mostly those who are highly dependent on the whole Google ecosystem. If you are from any of the new countries added to its roster, then you’ll be pleased to know that they are adding support for your native language, bringing the total number of supported languages to 35.

Google outs Infinix HOT 2, first Android One phone in Africa

There's been an explosion in Africa and no, it's not the deadly kind. Google just said that because Internet is exploding in Africa, it's time the search giant brings the Android One program to most of the countries in the continent including Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Egypt, and Ivory Coast. For the first time, Google partnered with hardware maker Infinix to bring the low-cost, entry-level smartphone in Africa.

The OnHub router is Google’s entry to your home

The Google OnHub router was unveiled recently as a sign that the mothership is full-on committed to getting into your digital home. Don’t be fooled by the classy, cylindrical design – although we wouldn’t blame you one bit if you did, it does look really nice – the router is powerful enough not just to bring you your internet connectivity, but also to be the central hub of Google’s plan to automate and digitize your home.

Google finally gives Hangouts its own webpage

The battle of the free messaging apps has received another interesting turn of events. While Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LINE, etc have been making lots of updates and adding new features, Google would like to tell you that their own messaging app isn’t giving up just yet. In fact, with this latest move, they might even be giving the frontrunners a huge scare. That’s because Hangouts has now received its own webpage, away from Gmail or Google+.

Google finally unveils Android Marshmallow lawn statue

The secret is out. The next dessert Google is serving the Android community is Marshmallow. It's not really a dessert but more like a confectionary or special candy (then again Lollipop is a candy). It's not something that will make you satisfied, just good enough to fill your empty stomachs something until your meal is ready. Aside from Muffin, I was betting on this one but then Milkshake sounded better. Oh well, Google already made a decision and this year's Android statue was unveiled earlier today.