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Google’s barge plans on hold while they redesign interior

Remember the Google barge? The mysterious, floating behemoth that was at one point a data center, then a showroom for Glass, then a party barge for press, then a mobile laboratory for X Labs? Whatever it really ends up being, it’s on hold. The Coast Guard has asked for changes to the interior, and the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) is taking issue as well.

Google barge to sport sails reminiscent of fish fins

The mystery surrounding two barges off the opposite coasts of the US maybe be somewhat over, but the final appearance of these structures are pretty much still unknown. But if this artist's rendering is truly what the barges are to become, then we can expect to see something eye-catching and majestic when Google is finally done.

Google says barges could be ‘interactive space’ for new technology

Google has officially come clean about those mystery barges on either coast of the US. According to Google, they may use the Barge(s) as “an interactive space where people can learn about new technology”. Of course, the answer wasn’t as close-ended as we would have hoped for, but at least Google acknowledges they are responsible for the project.

Project Glass shows impressive hands-free photo

Charlie Rose has many sterling qualities, but the ability to hurl him around oneself like a sack of potatoes is not one of them. That's why this Project Glass sample photo from Google Fellow Sebastian Thrun is more interesting than the one he took live on the news show, because it illustrates the utility behind a camera that's truly hands-free. You couldn't snap this one with your smartphone unless you were okay with your son flying off in a literal example of a mathematical tangent.
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