Google Voice

Google Voice Speeds Up Dialing For Android Devices

The new version of Google Voice has arrived today. Previously, the Google Voice were set up so that the users had to make a request to the GV server every single time they wanted to make an outbound call, but all of that has changed. Due to Direct Access Numbers, Google has managed to speed up the whole process, which should mean using the service on your device will be easier than ever before.

Samsung Behold II OTA’s Are Rolling Out

The lack of support from everyone involved with this phone has been the focal point of many people losing faith in Samsung. It’ll probable never see Android 2.0+ even though there is a petition going around to make this happen. Regardless, we are hearing word that the OTA to 1.6 has started to arrive on a few Behold ll’s. Android 1.6 offers a whole world of possibilities for the Behold ll. along with this update to 1.6, Samsung is including Google Voice, Google Maps with navigation as well as the Swype keyboard. There are other various bug fixes thrown in also. Even with these extra goodies being tossed in, I still don’t see many users being happy about this whole situation. [via tmonews]

Synchronize Google Voice with Your GPS Location

How would you like to sync your Android device's Google Voice to your current location? Well with there's a way for you to do this now. Google Voice locations use cell tower triangulation to switch your ringing Google Voice phones on the fly.

Truphone working on Google Voice fix

No good news as yet, but a quick Truphone update all the same.  After discovering that the VoIP company's latest version for Android - released especially to add the Google Nexus One to the fold - caused instabilities for Google Voice users, the company have stepped up and told Android Community that they're currently working on a fix. Unfortunately there's no timescale for that fix, with Truphone only telling us that it remains "a very high priority" for the company.  Users have reported Google Voice crashing, or their Nexus One handsets running sluggishly, when the Truphone app is also active; these issues disappear when it's uninstalled.
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