Google Voice

Google “Assistant” coming late 2012, will best Apple’s Siri

Google has had what we all know as "Voice Actions" long before Apple's Siri came along, it just wasn't shown off on the same big stages and bright lights of commercials. Since then, Google's been working on what rumors and reports have called Project Majel -- a Siri-like voice assistant similar to the current voice actions only better. New details are starting to leak that might have also confirmed the name.

Google+ Circles now available on Google Voice

Are you one of those strange, old-fashioned folks who talks to people on the phone? Actually moving your lips and everything? Wow, you're old. Well, now you can combine your stone-age analog air vibrations with super-advanced modern social networking all the kids are talking texting about. Starting today your Google+ Circles are available in Google Voice, too, allowing you to define what action Google Voice takes when one of your contacts calls. To be blunt, it makes it a lot easier to send that friends who's just a little too persistent straight to voicemail.

Google applies for patent, brings voice controls to Google TV

Google has some big plans for Android and our homes. With lots of discussion lately of a Android@Home project under way and more we are now seeing some information that Google has applied for a patent to bring Voice actions and Siri-like voice controls to our living rooms and Google TV. Put down that remote, let Google and Android do everything for you.

Google Voice update brings new ICS icon, interface, and tablet click-to-call

A mystery update for Google Voice has just landed in the Android Market this afternoon. Google is busy today and has just released Google Chrome for Android, and now we are getting a redesigned Google Voice app with awesome UI improvements and tablet features. The updated Icon is being shown in the market but apparently the update isn't pushing out yet, but we were able to quickly install it through the web Android Market here.

Google Voice is getting MMS – raise your hand if you care

Well folks, it's Friday, October 14th, and the day that so many have waited so long for has finally arrived. The world waits with breathless anticipation of news concerning their favorite mobile devices. The Google Voice team is implementing MMS into its text messaging services at long last. Reports of college kids rioting in the streets outside the Google campus have not been confirmed.

Google Voice Update Brings Tablet Support

Who wants some Honeycomb optimized 10.1" Google Voice on their tablet? You are now in luck because Google recently finally pushed the official Google Voice update out that enabled tablet support. While we saw this with sideloading recently this build is final and available now in the Android Market bringing native tablet support.

Google Voice Updated to 4.2.34, Fixes for delayed notifications and more

The Google Voice app received an update today folks. Not only did Google add some much needed fixes but there are a few new UI changes too. First off at the top of the list you'll notice them reference being able to make calls without data connectivity. What this means is once you call a number once, Google Voice will remember it and you wont need a data connection to call that number in the future. More details below.

Vlingo Update Available, Shiny New UI and 7 New Languages Added

Have you ever used Vlingo before? If not you should definitely check it out. It is the most popular Voice assistant app on the market second only to Google Voice. With Vlingo you can send text messages, search and get directions, open Google Maps and other apps, and even make phone calls. It really does just about everything you can think of, and all just by using your voice.
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