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Root Google TV and Add Third-Party Apps, Get $1,000

Considering the rooting community within Android is pretty strong, the ambition to root, and subsequently add third-party applications to the platform, is probably already pretty strong. But, once someone consciously puts out a bounty for the same thing to happen, we can't help but imagine that it's going to become pretty heated. And, for $1,000, anything is possible.

Google TV Ads to be run by Verizon’s Fios

Verizon's Fios TV service is signed into an agreement with Google TV Ads that will feature video ads uploaded by advertisers wishing to work Google's self-serve tools. An additional 3.3 million homes will be blasted with ads through this deal, adding a big crate of eyes to that which Google TV Ads already reaches. Google and Verizon collaborated on another project dealing this time with with Net Neutrality just this past August.

Logitech Revue to get OTA Update

The Logitech Revue, or commonly known as the Google TV, has been issued an Over-The-Air update which should fix one problem that alot of people have been complaining about; framerate issues. Google simply heard about the issues, and said "your wish is my command", and officially announced the update in a post earlier today.

Logitech is Aware of Revue Frame Rate Issue

The Goole TV is a great device, bringing the full internet to your couch in a all new and innovate way is really a great thing, however if you have been using the Logitech Revue you may have noticed your video is less than stellar. Clearly there is an issue with the frame rate which watching TV, Logitech has acknowledged this and is currently investigating the issue.

Google TV teardown: Logitech Revue shares its secrets

Logitech's Android-based Revue Google TV box has come in for the teardown treatment from iFixit.  The set-top box is based around a single Gigabyte mainboard, running Intel's Atom CE4150 1.2GHz processor, and is among the first wave of Google TV devices to reach the market. iFixit praise the set-top box for its straightforward construction - plenty of Phillips-head screws and standardized connectors - and there's plenty of connectivity, too.  More info on the Revue here. [via SlashGear]


This week has been another busy one in the Android Community! The Galaxy Tab has sure got it’s time in the press with announcements of pricing and release dates coming in throughout the week. We also got some official conformation that Android Gingerbread is coming, and soon.

Google TV Virtual Tour available for the undecided

Google TV is now released to the world. It's features are great, but even after the many press conferences, it's hard to get a feel for how it will actually perform in real world situations - like your living room. This can be a deciding factor for many when making a purchase, so to answer any questions and show off a bit Google has released a Google TV virtual tour site that showcases many features of the service. Specifically they cover a few of the main key features of the system including:
  • Television, meet search
  • Full web browsing from your TV
  • Applications
  • Using your Android phone as a remote control
  • Personalized homepage
  • TV/Web dual view
  • Searching through your DVR
  • and easy integration will your entertainment system
If you're still on the fence wondering if Google TV is right for you check out the virtual tour site and look over the features and uses of the system.
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