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Google TV User Experience Lead job wants TV app Tsar

Google is looking to recruit a new User Experience Lead for Google TV, who would take responsibility for guiding third-party software onto the Android-based STBs. Based at Mountain View, the new employee would be "asked to pioneer new possibilities for web-based and Android application experiences on the platform and establish the patterns and standards used to develop great interactive experiences on Google TV." The absence of apps has been a thorn in Google TV's side since the first products were released, limiting functionality to the preloaded software and whatever could be accessed online. Back in March, a Logitech exec suggested that the Android Market would be arriving "soon" though Google itself has given no public timescale beyond sometime in 2011. Google is believed to be looking to integrate the Google TV codebase with the Gingerbread codebase for phones and the Honeycomb codebase for tablets, into a single AOSP that would allow them to be significantly more nimble with overall updates. That is expected to be the basis of Ice Cream, the next Android release. [via SlashGear]

Google TV coming to Ice Cream [Rumor]

There's yet another rumor flying around about Android's Ice Cream flavor. Back at Mobile World Congress, Google's outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt said Ice Cream would incorporate elements of both Gingerbread and Honeycomb for the smartphone platform. Now, it seems the rumor mill has thrown Google TV into the mix as well. The idea comes from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Code Branch and there's talk that an announcement may come to Google IO this year. There is also talk that this is why Google has refused to released Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) into the open source community. The drum beats of fragmentation plus the recent malware scares seem to be making Google gun shy, as they're not only holding Honeycomb close to the vest, but there's also talk that Google may be locking down Android altogether. The idea is that with Google TV, Tablets and Smartphones having the same basic code, then it becomes far easier to update and hence, combat the fragmentation issue. It would also free up Google to focus on one product - the Android Open Source Project. But the real question is, will all of this put Google TV in the spotlight where Google intended it to be all along? [via PhanDroid]

Logitech Revue Ad with a Creepy Kevin Bacon [Part 2]

Uh oh, looks like Google TV is at it again with the awesome Kevin Bacon commercial. For those that missed the first one you can read about and see it here. The Logitech Revue is the widely popular Google TV set top that has been selling quite well. Google reported around 90,000 in Q4. Back in December Google released the "Biggest Kevin Bacon Fan" video and it had a lot of mixed reviews as it was a little creepy. I liked the ending though.

Android Market coming to Google TV platform soon

Google TV hasn’t been that popular so far despite the fact that the platform has some interesting features. The main problem is that many of the major content carries like the major TV networks and Hulu have blocked Google TV users from being able to view their content on the TV. One of the things that I think could save the Google TV platform would be access to apps from the Android Market on the Google TV platform

Android Market now checks for touchscreen use as Google TV debut nears

Google has added a new filtering option to software submitted to the Android Market, which looks to be a precursor to the download store arriving on Google TV. Developer Al Sutton spotted the change, which checks whether an app requires a touchscreen; that's something you'll find on an Android smartphone, but not on a Google TV device such as Logitech's Revue. According to the Google TV features page, Android Market access is expected to arrive early in 2011, opening the smart TV platform to a wealth of third-party apps.

Android Market now on Logitech Revue via Brute Force Hack

So you've in the jailbreak mood and you've got a hankering for a job that requires not only hacks of your device on the inside, but physical changes on your outside as well. How about a Logitech Revue jailbreak, one that requires a NAND format, a soldering iron, and a completely virgin device - aka one that's never even been POWERED ON before? Sounds like a challenge to me.

Google TV Update Ready for Release

Google is sending out emails stating that the Google TV update that we heard about last week is ready for release, and with it, many new features will be made available. Some of these features include: Netflix changes, Dual View, a Remote Control App, and Movie Results, these are detailed after the cut.

Google TV Updated: Dual View Mode, Voice Search & Netflix Improvements [Video]

Updates to the Google TV platform aren't a new thing, but this is the first one that users can consider "major." The new update isn't just for bug fixes, or small improvements to the general search results of the set-top box. Instead, this update is meant for the Netflix users out there, as well as adding a few extra features for the Dual View mode.
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