Google TV

LG’s Google TV could come as soon as this week

Remember the big brouhaha that Google made over its handful of new partners for Google TV back in January, including LG? Remember how only Sony, Google's sole remaining partner from the original Google TV launch, actually showed new hardware at CES a week later? Yeah, that was a bummer. But now the Korea Herald reports that LG may finally be readying its Google TV hardware, and the shiny new TV sets could land in the US (you know, the only country that actually has Google TV service at this point) as soon as this weekend.

Sony: Google TV finally hits Europe in September

We've been hearing lament and woe from international Google fans over the lack of Google TV outside the land of the free ever since it was released. Well those of you living in Europe finally, finally have a time frame in which to expect Google TV availability: September. That's when Sony France says that it'll begin selling Google TV stand-alone hardware, according to Les Echos. A Google TV box is expected to retail at around €200, with a Blu-ray version landing at around €300. Given the time frame, this will almost certainly be the Sony Google TV box we saw at CES.

Google video service approved for Kansas City

Quick, everybody - get you Nostradamus hats on. Google has applied for a license to distribute an at-home video service in Kansas City, Missouri, which has become unofficially known as "the luckiest city in America" after the company chose it as the test site for its fiber-optic Internet service. Regulators approved their application late last month, meaning that Kansas City could well become the very first place that Google starts competing directly with cable and satellite television providers. Their internet infrastructure would almost certainly form the backbone of this video service.

Google TV adds international content channels

Google TV is still available in the US only, but if you're an immigrant or expatriate longing for the soothing TV shows of home, you're in luck. Google just announced via its Google TV blog that a host of international channels are being added to the Google Play Store, specifically designed for viewing on Google TV. All the new apps feature localized content for free... just not local to their respective nations. That's right, you still have to reside in the United States (or be pretty handy with a proxy) to get to any of it.

Less than one million Google TV devices sold so far

We had hoped that CES last month would bring better news for Google TV, but things only seem to be getting worse since Logitech abandoned the platform. According to Google's first party Google TV apps in the Android Market, no single app - including seemingly essential ones like Youtube, Photos for Google TV and the ubiquitous program guide TV & Movies, has been installed more than a million times. That would seem to imply that less than a million total Google TV units have been sold and activated worldwide, despite being available for almost 18 months.

Sony’s Google TV gets root and unsigned kernels

Now that Logitech's out of the game and Google's new partners seem more interested in promoting their own Smart TV regimes, Sony remains one of the few Google TV promoters left. And considering that the Revue still has a locked bootloader, Sony's set-top box and/or integrated TV remains the ony one that you can root, mod and generally get your hack on. The GTV Hacker (real name unknown) has released a patch and method for getting the Sony Google TV rooted and running unsigned, modified kernels.

Google applies for patent, brings voice controls to Google TV

Google has some big plans for Android and our homes. With lots of discussion lately of a Android@Home project under way and more we are now seeing some information that Google has applied for a patent to bring Voice actions and Siri-like voice controls to our living rooms and Google TV. Put down that remote, let Google and Android do everything for you.

Google TV big announcements coming today, could just be YouTube update

Over the weekend Google made some noise about an upcoming announcement for Google TV. Over on their official Facebook page they mentioned some "big announcements" coming today. Google told us to get ready for Monday so that is exactly what we've done. We'll be sure to update as soon as anything "big" drops, but we are now seeing an update on the Google TV Blog from late last night simply outlining a new YouTube app.

Google Home Entertainment System and Cloud Drive could be linked

We've already heard rumblings of the long-speculated Google cloud storage system coming to fruiting soon under the label "Google Drive". Now the rumor mill at WSJ is churning with news of a home entertainment service from the ubiquitous search engine provider, which may or may not be linked with the Android@Home project. It is coincidence that both of these stories have been leaked within hours of each other? Officially, yes; that's kind of the nature of a leak.  But unofficially it all points to a centralized, Google-hosted media hub that's accessible from any Android device, PC, or connected television.
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