Google Translate

Google+ will soon have native translations

Google is getting ready to bring language translations to Google+. This will initially be available on the desktop, however in time it will also arrive for those using Google+ on a mobile device. Simply put, once this rolls-out to your Google+ account you will be able to translate a post with just one click.

Google Translate for Android update brings offline language packs

Google has announced the latest update for the Translate app on Android. The update is currently available from the Google Play Store and brings support for offline language translation. Basically, this means that you will now be able to get language translations without having a network connection. Of course, that is assuming you have downloaded the offline language pack prior to losing that connectivity.

Google Translate Android update adds image translation

Google has unleashed a pretty major update for its Google Translate app, and it adds quite a few things users will find of interest. Most importantly, it adds the ability to translate text from pictures, and it only requires that you snap an image and highlight the text you want to translate with your finger. Google takes care of the rest after that, but it should be noted that this feature requires an Internet connection to work, so it may not be a good idea to translate every sign you see while globetrotting unless you've got access to a Wi-Fi network.

Google Translate updates with handwriting recognition

Google's translation engine has impressed me ever since the first time I used it on the web, and its continual evolution only impresses me more. The latest in a string of updates to Google's Translate app for Android adds handwriting recognition, allowing users to write out phrases instead of typing them. At the moment, only seven languages use this feature: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.