Google Translate

Almost accurate iTranslate Voice app knows 42 languages

How does it feel to speak more than 40 languages? Ask iTranslate Voice. Well, it's just an app and you may never meet any human who can do that feat but you can talk in your own language and hear your voice speak another language. The iTranslate Voice features 42 languages that you can hear yourself. There is no need to type on your phone either because the voice recognition technology used by the app is so accurate.

Google Translate update for Android brings Word Lens

It can be difficult to visit a foreign land if you don't speak the language. Not only can you not talk to the locals to ask for directions, but you can’t read the street signs to figure out where you are and find where you are going. Google has updated the Translate app for Android users with a new feature called Word Lens.

Google Translate adds 10 more languages from Africa, Asia

How many times has Google Translate "rescued" you from a potentially difficult situation when you badly needed to know how to say "how much is this?" or "can I ask you out on a date?" in another language? It's always handy to have the app on hand, especially when you're traveling to another country where communication may be difficult. They have now added 10 more languages to their system, which includes languages from Africa and Asia.

WeChat update brings better privacy, search and translation

Do you feel like other people are trying to read your group messages? Do you find it hard to look for past messages by scrolling through them? Do you want to understand what your French friend was saying but you’re too lazy to Google Translate? All of these messaging dilemmas might be solved with the update to the WeChat app for Android.

Inapp Translator floats inside apps to translate text

Inapp Translator is a rather handy utility that, as the name suggests, offers you translation features within any app that allows text to be copied, without leaving that app and switching to a dedicated translation app. But while it offers convenience, the app does have some quirks and limitations that might turn off a few users.

Google+ will soon have native translations

Google is getting ready to bring language translations to Google+. This will initially be available on the desktop, however in time it will also arrive for those using Google+ on a mobile device. Simply put, once this rolls-out to your Google+ account you will be able to translate a post with just one click.
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