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New ‘Apps’ results layout, colored grid hit Google mobile search

Google's search engine is number one. No questions about that but you know, even if the Internet giant's algorithm is generally reliable, we can't expect the mobile app version to yield the same relevant results all the time. It's the same with the Google Play Store. Searching for a particular app won't quickly show the title you need. For some reason, Google hasn't fully worked on that one yet but it's trying to make the Search app smarter.

Google now includes images from PDF in image search

Back in 2008, when Google first started indexing PDF files through OCR from websites to include it in your search results, it was a sigh of relief (and for some, alarm) for a lot of websites that insisted on uploading PDF files, whether it’s for academic purposes or to make things easier for people browsing their site. But it’s only now 7 years later that the images included in that particular format have now been indexed as well.

Google Search can tell you if a venue or store is packed

Google has definitely changed how we live our lives today. What started as a search engine, the company is now a tech giant that offers hundreds of products and services for those who want to be in the know all the time. We can't list every contribution of Google but we're really happy with Android, the apps, devices, Android Wear, Google Drive, Now cards, YouTube, and even Android Auto.

‘Did You Mean…’ shows up on drop-down results on Google Search app

The top search engine sometimes suggests alternative search terms especially when it detects you might have made a mistake or spelled a keyword wrong. That's expected on the desktop version but we just heard reports of the Google Search app doing the same thing. This could mean an improvement to the algorithm of the Google search app perhaps to give Android users a more enhanced experience all the time whether on desktop or mobile device.

Google Buy Button coming soon to your search results

Have you ever wished that when you digitally search for something, for example, a geeky shirt or a hard to find book, that you'd be able to buy it directly from the results page, rather than having to click on so many things before you can actually make a purchase? No? Well, Google is about to make that come true as they will reportedly be introducing the Buy Button to your search result page in the very near future.

Start ordering food while still on Google search page

Google is constantly trying to make life easier for us by integrating a lot of things while you're still on their search page. One of the newest things they've added is the ability to start ordering food, if it's available, when you search for your favorite restaurant, while still on the search page. This is pretty good news for people who like to order in, and it even gives you a choice as to where to order from.

Google app updated with new voice commands for some Android apps

The Google app is one of the most important apps you could get on your Android phone. It can do a lot of things aside from just searching for whatever you need. With the app, you can just say "OK Google" and the app can search, create reminders, and get directions search for you. A recent app update has allowed Google to send commands and make other Android apps to do something. This makes any Android smartphone smarter than ever because some non-native apps are now prompted by Google to follow voice commands.

Google adds 70 new Now cards from your fave Android apps

Internet search has changed over the past years but Google still leads the industry with its several innovations and changes in algorithms. It's hard to keep track how Google manages but the tech giant really knows 'search' well. From desktop to mobile, Google is the best search engine yielding the closest and most relevant results helpful to everyone.
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