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Feedly Mobile app updated for the 3 million Google Reader refugees

We still have plenty of time before Google Reader shuts down for good. Well, maybe not enough time for those who are dreading the day but the key is that as of July 1 Google Reader will be gone for good. We have seen plenty of alternatives come into the spotlight, however it seems as if one of those possibilities has stolen much of the spotlight. That one is Feedly and they have just announced some updates.

Digg details Google Reader replacement coming July 1

Earlier this month Google announced their popular RSS option Google Reader would be closing, and we all know how most of you feel about that. Quick to the rescue was the folks over at Digg, who have promised a replacement that will be fast and work on a wide array of devices. Today we're getting a few more details regarding the Google Reader replacement that's coming soon.

Google Reader alternatives for Android users

We still have a few months before Google Reader officially shuts down, however with the date set -- now may be a good time to start looking. Sure, that petition is still kicking, however we are not counting on that. It would be nice to see, but our minds have already begun looking elsewhere and we have a few options to share. In total we have five to present. The first two will be the closest to Google Reader, the second two are a bit different and the last is well, just different. We should also point out that our criteria was that we could access our feeds on our Android devices.

Flipboard comes to Android as Galaxy S III exclusive

It's finally here! Samsung has just unveiled the impressive new Galaxy S III here in London, and one of the exciting inclusions (along with 50GB of Dropbox storage) is they have an exclusive with Flipboard for Android. Flipboard is a highly popular social news reader similar to Google Currents, Pulse, News360 and many others and until now was only seen on iOS devices. Check it out in our hands-on video below.

Google Reader update brings ICS user interface and widgets, swipe navigation, more

We saw a few leaked screenshots of what was claimed to be an updated Google Reader application last night that turned out to be either fake, or a bit old. Today Google has officially pushed the brand new Google Reader v1.1.1 to the Android Market complete with a new user interface and widgets that resemble 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and plenty of other navigation and usage improvements. While the actual interface hasn't changed a lot, they have added swipe navigation and it works extremely well.
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