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Feedly for Android brings focus on speed, also fixes some bugs

The latest update for Feedly has arrived in the Google Play Store. For those keeping track in terms of numbers, this is Feedly 18 and it brings a focus on reading speed as well as a handful of other features and bug fixes. And in addition to the details for this update, there was also a bit of teasing for Feedly 19 with a reminder of that being available in the beta channel. For now though, we can keep the focus on Feedly 18.

Feedly introduces beta channel, Google+ community

Feedly has launched a beta channel for their now popular RSS service. Like any beta service, Feedly wants to test out new features before it hits the masses. Luckily, access seems to be open to anyone who wants to chance the crashes and oddities a beta channel can bring.

Forget Google Reader, Digg Reader available now for Android

One of the biggest names to come forth and plan a replacement for Google Reader was Digg, and today their official Android app is finally available. Just like on the web you'll get up to the minute news from their homepage, as well as the Digg Reader full of RSS feeds all optimized for our Android devices. Excited, or have you moved on to Feedly or other options?

Google Reader data remains available through mid-July

As we had expected, Google has officially turned the lights off for Reader. The service went offline around midnight, however there is a bit of good news for those who may have been slacking in terms of downloading your data. Google will have all of your subscription data available until the middle of July.

Google Reader: get your feeds and move on

If you are still using Google Reader today you have likely seen the reminder about the service closing down. Google announced the shutdown of Reader a while back and if you have yet to make the switch -- you are quickly running out of time. Basically, at this point you should stop what you are doing and make sure you back up your data using Google Takeout.

Feedly Cloud arrives to help replace Google Reader

As the termination date for Google Reader draws near, Feedly has stayed in the news as a viable replacement service for all you RSS fans, and today their option just got even better. After improving their Android app, today they've announced the Feedly Cloud that will help us all seamlessly transition away from the dying Google Reader, and into Feedly's arms.
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