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Google Zeitgeist 2012 looks at the year in search

We're dangerously close to the end of 2012, which means that it's time for another installment of Google Zeitgeist. Google has taken all of the biggest search terms from the year and compiled them into one big showcase, splitting up terms into categories like athletes, feature films, consumer electronics, and Google+ hashtags. There's also a little Android-flavored Easter egg hidden among the lists for those who don't mind doing a little bit of looking.

Android Community Nightly: December 6th, 2012

We Android fans had a pretty big day today, with some very noteworthy news stories hitting throughout. Apple and Samsung have gone back before Judge Lucy Koh to continue discussions about the trial that ended with a $1 billion fine for Samsung. Meanwhile, we saw a heavily redacted settlement statement from the Apple and HTC patent trial. Today was also a big day for Google, as it and Nik Software launched the Android version of Snapseed on the Google Play Store - an app that we reviewed later on in the day.

Google+ Communities start rolling out – time to join a group

Google announced a lot of information today regarding their popular and growing social network Google+. Stating they have passed over 500 million users and around 235m active users. Pretty impressive numbers to say the least. The other big news was Google+ Communities, which is their answer to Facebook Groups. Below we'll go into a few details as well as let you enjoy the neat little video they've put together.

APK Teardown reveals new features coming to Google Play

It looks like some big changes are coming to Google Play. In an APK Teardown from the folks at Android Police, they discovered some pretty massive changes coming to the service. The first one involves a more heavy implementation of Google+. It looks you will have to have a Google+ account in order to leave app reviews on Google Play. This means when you leave a review, your name and photo will probably appear next to the review. It also looks like some tweaks are coming to the way you share apps, probably in form of sharing your reviews with Google+ circles.

Google Plus now allows for one-click Android app installs

If you're the type of person who likes to recommend apps to friends, then pay attention to this next bit of news. Google has added a new feature to Google+ that allows for one-click Android app installs right there in the feed. This means that you can suggest an app to your Google+ friends and they'll be able to download it from right from your post without ever having to go to the Google Play Store.

Google’s Matias Duarte explains lack of SD cards in Nexus devices

There's certainly a lot of excitement surrounding Google's new line up of Nexus devices, and Android director of user services Matias Duarte has hopped on Google Plus to answer the questions Nexus fans undoubtedly have. Android users took him up on his offer to answer questions on these new Nexus devices, with hundreds posting comments to his Google Plus profile. At the time of this writing, Duarte has only gotten around to answering two questions, but the two answers he's given are definitely worth noting.

Photos taken with Nexus 4 camera appear on Google Plus

At this point, we can be pretty confident that Google is planning to reveal a brand new Nexus phone that's made by LG, but just in case you needed more evidence, it seems that a couple Google and LG employees are more than happy to oblige. Over the weekend, Jason Parks, a Google employee, and Bae Sang-Hoon of LG's Pyeongtaek Learning Center posted a handful of images to their Google Plus profiles (note: Sang-Hoon has since taken down his pictures). The images themselves are unremarkable, but the EXIF data for the snapshots gives away one particularly juicy detail.

Google releases new version of its Google+ app

Google has just launched a new version of its Google+ application. This new version is primarily focused on Google+ pages, which are aimed towards business owners. With this new version, page owners can use their Android devices to manage every aspect of their page. This means they can comment, create new posts, and interact with other users.
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