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Google Picasa albums now redirecting to Google+

Google appears to be continuing the process of pushing all Picasa users over to Google+. We have seen some of this in the past, however as of today, those surfing to will end up on the Google+ Photos page. Another recent push from Google came when they removed the Picasa link in the navigation bar. Those checking will find an option for "Photos" which also takes you to the Google+ Photos page.

Google Play services v3.0 brings Google+ sign-in and more

Google has recently announced the v3.0 release of the Google Play Services. And while some of this may be more developer oriented, these changes and new features will filter down towards the end user. In fact, some of these new features sound like they will make things a bit easier and more convenient for the end user. Just to begin with, Google Play Services v3.0 brings Google+ Sign-In and over-the-air app downloads from a website.

App Updates: Facebook, Google+, Temple Run 2 and more

While there's no telling what apps the millions and millions of Android users have installed, especially considering there is more than 700,000 apps in the Play Store. However, today there was a pretty big list of apps getting updated that most users usually have on their phones. So instead of wasting time, here's a list of some popular apps all receiving updates today.

‘The Internship’ debut movie trailer to be shown on a Google+ hangout

A brand new comedy movie featuring the two awesome dudes from Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn is coming soon. And to make thing even better the movie will be about two interns working for Google. It's called The Internship and we mentioned it on our sister site back in September. These two celebrities were shooting tons of scenes of the movie right at Google's HQ in California.

Google Play Music, Google+ Android apps receive new updates

If you count yourself among the Google faithful, then get ready to dive in, because the company has just unleashed a pair of updates for its Google+ and Play Music Android apps. Both updates are relatively small in size, but both add features that regular users are bound to appreciate. More importantly, both updates are available right now, so you don't have to wait for these new features.
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