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Google’s GIFt to you: falling snow and twinkling lights

Google is making a big push to be your go-to source for photography. Part of their strategy is image enhancement, be it automatically touching up or backing up your device photos in the cloud. Another subtle strategy involves turning your photos — when taken in rapid succession — into GIFs. Two new features, announced today, promise to improve on Google’s GIF capabilities.

Google+ and YouTube comments system blurs line between services

Google has been working hard to bring their services together, and the unification is starting to show. From design aesthetics to cross-functionality, the Google ecosystem is starting to take shape. One place that has been left to languish a bit, historically, has been YouTube. A juggernaut in its own right, Google wisely proceeded with caution when making changes to the popular video service.

Google Caller ID will make use of Google+ profile photos beginning next year

Android 4.4 brought a new look to the dialer and along with that comes some new features. One of those features can be found in the settings, it is listed as "Caller ID by Google." This one is turned on by default and for now, is listed as being able to show names for people and businesses not in your contact list. Simply put, Caller ID on a mobile device, but there is more coming next year.

Google+ vanity URLs rolling out to everyone this week

When Google+ was announced, one of the coolest features they noted to be coming was vanity URLs. It was an interesting idea, essentially making your Google+ page a destiantion website for anyone who wanted to know more about you. Today’s announcement was slipped in quietly behind the other updates, but is important for anyone who has been looking for a vanity URL via the social media network.
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