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Google’s VP says they knew there were ‘problems’ with YouTube comments

YouTube’s commenting system was a mess prior to Google+. When Google stepped in to involve their social platform, it took a drastic step toward ending the misogyny and blind hate. Google+, by nature, gives moderators better tools for weeding out those who want to be rude. It didn’t sit well with some YouTubers, drawing petitions for Google to revert back, even causing the founder of YouTube to lash out.

Google’s GIFt to you: falling snow and twinkling lights

Google is making a big push to be your go-to source for photography. Part of their strategy is image enhancement, be it automatically touching up or backing up your device photos in the cloud. Another subtle strategy involves turning your photos — when taken in rapid succession — into GIFs. Two new features, announced today, promise to improve on Google’s GIF capabilities.
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