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Android Community Free Spotify Invite Giveaway!

It's time for another giveaway Android Community style. We've got our own stash of Spotify invites and we're giving them away to you, our loyal fans! For those that don't know (or are stuck on iTunes), Spotify is a music streaming service where you're able to access millions of tracks of music from artists new and old, all available from your computer and, if you've got a premium account, from your mobile device! I'm happy to say we've got a stash of like 100 FREE invites and we want to give them away to you! All you must do is give us a hollar on Google+! (See rules below)

Google + Android App Update Available, Customize Your Stream and more

Google has been running wild over the past few days and week with Google + and today they just updated the Android app. The update is in the market now so head over and get it. They have added a few new features as well as fixed some bugs and issues with the swype keyboard some were reporting. The update is rolling out now but only a few of my devices are seeing it so keep checking the market.

Google+ APK Available for International Users

The rest of the world may be keeping the Samsung Galaxy S II from us here in the states, but to show we're not bitter the Google+ app is now available to download internationally. If you have a Google+ account, but don't live in the United States, the Google+ account hasn't been available on the Android Market yet. There is always the mobile web site, but this app is great, and makes following, say your favorite Android Community, that much easier. Google's given no word on why they haven't released the Google+ Android app internationally, but testers have confirmed installing the APK has worked just fine. Of course, you do have to have a Google+ account for it to do you much good. If you don't have one quite yet, hang in there, invites seem to be turning on more frequently the past few days. The app gives you some pretty cool features, not the least of which is instant notifications and the ability to view posts directly from the app. You also get access to huddles, an awesome multi-user chat tool and the ability to instantly upload pictures and videos you take to Google+. You can grab the app here or at the original thread at XDA. Happy +'ing! [via XDA]

Android Community Weekly : July 9, 2011

Another week of tech news has come and gone, and in this issue of Android Community Weekly we revisit some rather interesting posts! First off, it’s the 2011 first annual Android Community TABLETPALOOZA! In this first week, we’ll be giving away a free Acer Iconia Tab A500; a winner will be picked every Monday so be sure to sign up soon! Chris Burns was one of the first members of our staff to adopt the new social platform Google+ last week; we finally have our entire team up and running so be sure to add us to your circles!

Google+ Android App Has Support for NFC

Google has a tendency to use their different technologies and services to promote one another, and it sure looks like Google+ will be no exception. It turns out that phones with NFC, a small list at the moment, are capable of reading NFC tags with the Google+ app, to allow for quicker sharing. Obviously this won't be any sort of killer feature until NFC spreads a bit, especially to other phones.

Android Community Now on Google+ and It’s a G+ Party!

All should know by now that there's a massive earthquake in the works that's going by the name Google+, or G+ if you're down with the G. This brand new social network is still in Beta mode, but you know us, we want to get to the party so early that they haven't even set the cups of punch out yet. Therefor we've got links to every one of our staff members so you can follow along that way OR you can follow up straight with our official Android Community G+ account!

More Google+ Updates Coming This Weekend

More Google+ news has just hit the Stream over in + land for those that are having fun with us on the new social network. Over the next few days and this weekend Google plans to make a few things clear. They will be adding tips and helpful notifications to show users how to show and share others posts, and that should be live any time now.

Google+ App Updated Already, Now Supports Multiple Gmail Accounts

I know we have all had a little Google+ overload over the last few days or hours but don't you all love it? You must admit its at least a little fresh and new with all those circles, not to mention the Hangout video chat works amazingly well and smooth. Last night Google updated the Google+ Android App and I must say that if the updates keep coming that fast we should be rocking by next week.
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