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Google Play services 3.2 global rollout now complete

Google has announced that the Google Play Services 3.2 update has finished rolling out. This includes devices around the world that are running Android 2.2 Froyo or later. While the Google Play Services listing is easily found in the App info section, it isn't one that many users likely ever concern themselves with. Needless to say, this time around the Google Play Services update brings talk of performance and power saving improvements and more.

LG has “no plans” for a Google Play edition G2

This afternoon in New York City the folks from LG finally announced and revealed their all-new and impressive looking flagship smartphone to take on the Moto X, Galaxy S4, and more. That being the new 5.2-inch LG G2. It's powered by Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and there's no word when 4.3 will arrive, so our first thought was if they'd also offer a Google Play edition smartphone.

Motorola Moto X to also get “Google Play” version soon

There seems to be a new trend of new flaghship phones getting unlocked and pure "Google Play" versions that can be purchased directly from Google. Since such was the case with Samsung's Galaxy S4 and HTC's HTC One, people have wondered whether the Moto X, which Motorola just launched today, will be getting a similar treatment, especially considering it is the first Motorola phone created under Google's supervision. And so it will be that one will be able to buy a Google Play version of the Moto X "soon".