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Wunderlist 2.0 update now available in Google Play

Wunderlist has been updated and the most recent release can be found in Google Play. And while some may say this app had been overdue considering the previous update came back in June, this 2.0 release appears to have been worth the wait. Yup, Wunderlist has gone up to version 2.0 and along with a fancy new number comes some new features and a new look.

Tumblr for Android app update brings tablet support

Those using Tumblr and carrying around an Android tablet will be happy to learn that an update has arrived. And yes, it does involve proper support for Android tablets. That alone sounds like some good news, however the app also brings a few other goodies. Not to mention, we cannot help but smile just a little considering the folks at Tumblr rolled-out proper tablet support for Android before they offered an iPad version.

Simple Android app teased for “early” next year

Simple is a new take on banking. One that is aimed at those looking to replace their bank. And for those who have been turned off by Simple in the past because it was available only for those rocking an iOS device, you may be happy to learn that Android support is coming.

Bump app gets update with ability to share any file

Bump is one of the coolest ways to share stuff from your phone to another device. All you need to do is literally Bump your device against another one and you can send photos in an instant. They even added the ability to send files to your computer by simply visiting its website and Bumping your phone against your spacebar. It's some really cool technology, and it just received a new update on Google Play that makes the app even better. to kill its Radio features in most countries next month

Things seem to be not going so well for, and as such, it is killing off its Radio feature in most of the countries that it services. This means that users outside of the selected countries will no longer be able to use the Android app to play their favorite tunes. This also applies to using on other platforms such as in browser or on other mobile platforms.

Falcon Pro for Twitter app update brings lots of fixes

The Falcon Pro Twitter app left beta and made its way into Google Play a few weeks back. The app attracted near immediate attention as a contender in the 'which Twitter app should I use' dilema. And well, it looks like an update has since landed in Google Play and while it doesn't contain lots of new features, it does have some notable changes.