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Agenda Calendar app released for Android

The Agenda Calendar app has made the move into the Google Play Store. The app, for those unfamiliar with the name, has been a favorite for iOS users for some time now. Yup, another story about an iOS app making the transition to Android. But the burn of Android users having to wait aside, the Agenda Calendar app does seem like a nice alternative to the standard Google Calendar app.

GymPact launches for Android just in time to help with those resolutions

Coming as what would seem perfect timing for all of those who vowed to get back into the gym this year, the GymPact app is now available in the Google Play Store. The app free to download and aimed at those who need some extra encouragement in getting to the gym and also those who like to be rewarded for following though on their commitment.

The state of Android apps in 2012

Android users waited, and then waited some more for apps such as Instagram to land in the Google Play Store. And based on that, who would have guessed that 2012 would close with Instagram beginning to get shunned by some. That seems to have been the case though, Instagram was beginning to get shunned in favor of an older (but thankfully recently updated) app. That app was Flickr, which not only garnered some much needed attention, but also dropped a rather nice Android app.