Google Play

Google Santa Tracker app now available for Android

You can track Santa on the web using the handy Google Santa Tracker website, however we suspect some will be happy to learn that there is also an app available. The app is called Google Santa Tracker and can be found in the Google Play Store.

Flock photo sharing app now available for Android

Flock, the social photo sharing app has launched for Android. The app may sound familiar to some, however up until today it was available only for iOS users. In short, Flock will allow you to see pictures that others take at an event. Basically, if you and your friends are using Flock, you will likely end up seeing more pictures than if you weren't.

Google Music adds matching for US-based users

Google Music launched in Europe about a month ago, and when it arrived it did so with a feature that was not available for US-based users. That feature was music scanning and matching and in fact, it remained unavailable for US users until today. Simply put, Google has officially announced that those in the US now have access to music matching.

Wunderlist 2.0 update now available in Google Play

Wunderlist has been updated and the most recent release can be found in Google Play. And while some may say this app had been overdue considering the previous update came back in June, this 2.0 release appears to have been worth the wait. Yup, Wunderlist has gone up to version 2.0 and along with a fancy new number comes some new features and a new look.

Tumblr for Android app update brings tablet support

Those using Tumblr and carrying around an Android tablet will be happy to learn that an update has arrived. And yes, it does involve proper support for Android tablets. That alone sounds like some good news, however the app also brings a few other goodies. Not to mention, we cannot help but smile just a little considering the folks at Tumblr rolled-out proper tablet support for Android before they offered an iPad version.

Simple Android app teased for “early” next year

Simple is a new take on banking. One that is aimed at those looking to replace their bank. And for those who have been turned off by Simple in the past because it was available only for those rocking an iOS device, you may be happy to learn that Android support is coming.