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Feedly Mobile app updated for the 3 million Google Reader refugees

We still have plenty of time before Google Reader shuts down for good. Well, maybe not enough time for those who are dreading the day but the key is that as of July 1 Google Reader will be gone for good. We have seen plenty of alternatives come into the spotlight, however it seems as if one of those possibilities has stolen much of the spotlight. That one is Feedly and they have just announced some updates.

Google Play Movies update brings info card support on tablets

Google Play Movies has recently been updated and amongst the new features is one that will be available only for tablet users. The tablet specific change brings info card badges. Basically, those watching with the Play Movies app will now be able to press pause and get details about the movie. The information will include goodies such as details about the actors, related films and even what song happens to be playing in the movie.

Google posts ‘Featured apps for Tablets’ list with over 130 suggestions

Today the folks from Mountain View are back at it showing all of us Android faithful just how good their tablet app selection really is. We all know that Android's tablet app list isn't the biggest or the best, but with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich blending the OS the amount of quality tablet apps is on the rise. Check out the updated staff picks by Google below.

Fieldrunners 2 for Android set for release in April

Fieldrunners HD has been available in the Google Play Store for some time now. We should also point out that Subatomic Studios recently rolled out an update that took care of some memory issues. But perhaps more important for today -- we have word of the follow up on Android. Subatomic Studios has announced that Fieldrunners 2 will be available for Android in April.

Evernote for Android update brings Smart Notebook support

An update for Evernote has arrived for Android users this morning. The updated app can be found in the expected location, that is to say, in the Google Play Store. Perhaps more important though, this update has brought some new features for premium users as well as an updated widget. There is now also support for the Evernote Smart Notebook.

Alien VS Predator: Evolution game review

Fox Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games have recently released Alien VS Predator: Evolution and as such, we have spent some time playing. For those thinking the Angry Mob Games name sounds familiar but aren't sure where from -- they were the team behind PREDATORS. Anyway, Alien VS Predator: Evolution has been released for mobile devices, which is to say that it is available for Android and iOS. Of course, the focus here is all Android.

Google Play Store gift cards headed to Canada

For those Android loving users up in Canada that have been hoping to be able to use Google's Play Store gift cards, we have some good news. After Google initially launched the service in the US only, it's slowly making its way to other regions around the globe. Earlier this month they launched Gift cards for the UK, and we're hearing Canada is next.

Chameleon Launcher for Phones now available in Google Play

Chameleon originally came to light by way of Kickstarter and as an alternative launcher for tablets. As of today however, the launcher is now publicly available for any and all that want to use it, and also available for tablets as well as smartphones. Yes, Chameleon Launcher for Phones has officially landed in the Google Play Store. No real surprises here, however we do have the breakdown of features, versions and prices.