Google Play Store

Amiga games coming to Android in late 2013

Writers' Group Film Corp, the parent company of Amiga Games Inc has announced some upcoming game releases for Android. There weren't many specifics in terms of which titles will be available, however they did offer a rough timeline as to when these games can be expected to arrive in the Play Store. And even without specifics on the titles, we do know this means some retro 16-bit style games will be available.

Google expands Play Store shipping options

Google was expected to bring some additional shipping options to the Play Store and as of today, it looks like they have come available for new purchases. All together there are three options available for shipping, however not every item will be eligible for every shipping option. Any and all eligible shipping options will be presented during the checkout process.

Falcon Pro v2.0 enters the Play Store as a public beta

Falcon Pro offered a bit of a teaser for the 2.0 update earlier this morning and it looks like you can now download that update. The one catch here, Falcon Pro 2.0 is still available in beta form. Assuming you don't mind playing with a beta release, this is open and available for those wanting to check things out. The Falcon Pro beta is being handled through the Play Store and requires nothing more than a few clicks and a minute or so to update the app on your device.