Google Play Store

Google Play Store getting another update to v4.0.27 [Download]

The folks up in Mountain View at Google HQ have been on a roll lately when it comes to Play Store updates, as we've received three in the past few weeks. For those keeping track we received an all-new and completely redesigned Play Store earlier this month and now we're getting a few minor updates, but so far it doesn't appear that they've changed anything significant.

Swype now available from the Google Play Store

It has been a long time coming, but Nuance has finally released Swype on Google Play, doing so with a special low price and a free trial option. This is in addition to the app being updated with a couple new keyboards and a few new features and improvements. For a limited time, users can grab Swype for $0.99, with the price later on increasing to a yet-unspecified rate.

Pocket celebrates a year with release of new features

The folks behind the Pocket app are celebrating one year. To clarify, they are celebrating the one-year anniversary of when they changed the name from Read It Later to Pocket. Regardless of the specific anniversary though, it looks like those who are using Pocket on an Android device now have an update waiting for them. In addition to the app update, this celebration also comes with some interesting comments on sharing.

Google Play update brings improved screenshots for tablet-sized apps

A recently announced update will bring nicer looking screenshots for tablet-sized apps. Of course, these will not be seen until app developers begin uploading new screenshots, however it does give users something to look forward to seeing come available. Basically, Google is now allowing Android app developers to upload screenshots in one of three sizes -- phone, 7-inch tablet and 10-inch tablet.

Sherpa Virtual Assistant now available for US-based Android users

There isn't any shortage of virtual assistant apps these days. We have the popular and the almost unknown. But that doesn't seem to stop new players from trying to get ahead in that genre. In this case, it looks like US-based Android users now have another option to consider. The app is called Sherpa Virtual Assistant and while new here, it has apparently been a top app in Spain and Latin America.

Facebook Home available now on the Google Play Store

Get excited folks because Facebook Home is finally here for a select few. We all knew that Facebook Home would arrive today, and now it appears to finally be available. This morning we reported that both Facebook and their messenger apps received updates prepping for Home, and now Home has just hit the Play Store - although it appears to be slowly rolling out. Launcher Hands-on: make your Android smartphone “dynamic”

Facebook Home, the launcher, will be available by way of the Google Play Store as of tomorrow. Given that, it seems we have recently been seeing a small surge dealing with launchers. The nice part is that these latest seem to be trying something different. We mentioned one yesterday called Homebase that had a Facebook Home-like theme and as of today we have something that is promising to be "dynamic." This latest is called and we went hands-on to see just how well it lives up to that claim.