Google Play Services

Google Play Services 7.5 to optimize Android devices with new capabilities

Google has announced a lot of new things at the I/O 2015 Conference including Google Play Services 7.5. This one brings several optimizations and new features to Android devices, or those running at least Android 2.3. The new version includes new APIs for Google Cloud Messaging and Google Cast and the Google Maps API on Android Wear devices, Instance ID, and Smart Lock for Passwords among others.

Google Play Services 7.3 now out, connect several wearables to one phone

The genius team of Android developers over at Google has just announced the rollout of Google Play services 7.3. This means new tools are ready to be explored and new APIs to be tested. The new version includes the latest Android Wear APIs, better support for optional APIs, improvements on retrieving location and activities of a user, and Google Fit getting more data. Developers of Android apps will greatly benefit from the new APIs and enhancements on Google Play Services but this also means more benefits for the end users--you and me.

Google Play Services updated with Trusted Voice

We didn't miss the Google Play Services 7.0 update but we're only noticing some new stuff in there. One of which is Trusted Voice that is actually a new smart lock entry feature. It allows voice control or voice command to unlock any Android device. It's a nice update but the full setting required wasn't easily accessible and visible in the app during the initial release.
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