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Google Play Music, (paid) Newsstand rolls out in more countries

It might be taking them some time to reach most of the countries, but at least they’re getting there. Google announced that they were adding more countries where some of their content were previously unavailable. Japan can now access Google Play Music and paid content on the Newsstand, while Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand also can now buy magazines, newspapers, other paid content on the Newsstand. It looks like Asian countries are the target for Google as previous updates have also seen more countries from the region getting content from them.

Google announces Play Music Family Plans

If you’ve been sharing a music streaming account in order to save a little bit of money, but end up listening to music that’s not necessarily your jam but your sister/mother/father/brother/friend loves, then it’s time for you to just get a family plan instead of just one account. Google announced that they will be launching their Play Music Family Plans later this year, and its price is more reasonable than getting each member a separate subscription.

Google Play Music overhauls Chromecast integration

Have you ever been at a party where the host is playing music from his or her smartphone and everyone’s having a great time grooving to the music, when suddenly, the music source had to go away and so the music at the party completely stops? Bummer right? Well if you’re using Google Play Music and streaming it through Chromecast, that will not be a problem anymore as the latest update to the app brings better integration between the two.

Disappearing cached songs in Google Play Music is just a bug, will be fixed soon

If you're a frequent Google Play Music user, you might have noticed that there are times when your downloaded songs and playlists are being wiped out. Apparently, a number of users have reported the same thing. This happens when the phone has a microSD storage and the card is taken out for some reason. The first explanation given by a Google Play support agent to a Play Music user who asked about the problem was that it was a copyright protection feature of the service. That’s understandable but wrong.

Classic rockers AC/DC finally arrives on music streaming services

Music streaming may be big business now, but not all artists are immediately on board to have their entire catalog available for the world on various platforms, without actually paying for them per se. There are those who take some time before finally allowing their labels to put up their music on places like Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, and Google Play Music (and now, Apple Music as well). One of the most popular rock bands in the world, AC/DC, has finally agreed to join said services and classic rock fans couldn't be happier.

Google Play Music now available in Argentina, Serbia

As the shadow of another Apple digital service looms over the industry, Google needs to up its game in the global markets, not just with its product offerings, but even more so with becoming available in as many markets as possible. This week, they have added Argentina and Serbia to its roster of countries that will be able to use the Google Play Music service not just as an app, but as a streaming music service as well.

Google rolls out free ad-supported version of Google Play Music

Google continues to push into the online streaming music space with its current vendor program-slash-offering Google Play Music. This competes directly with services like Spotify and Apple’s iTunes music store. To leverage itself, it has now created a free to use, free to download, ad-supported version of Google Play Music, much like how people use Spotify for free.

Google Play Music bumps upload limit to 50,000

We've got another reason to love Google as Google Play Music now allows saving of up to 50,000 tracks online to be accessed anytime and anywhere. Uploading music files to Play Music has always been possible but there was a 20,000 song limit. The company has recently doubled storage space up to 50K. The new song upload limit makes audiophiles like me very happy. No need to pay for extra storage because Google is offering this for free. How generous of Google!
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