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Android 4.4 phone app displays numbers harvested from Google services

The latest version of Android has introduced quite a number of features, some of which we've already covered in our Android 4.4 tag portal. Others are still continually being discovered or officially revealed, like the improvements to the built-in photo editor in the Gallery app. Now Google is coming out with another new feature that enhances the default dialer app's caller ID to go beyond your usual contact list.

Google Maps update brings Live Events to Google Places

Google is at it again today with another quite fancy update to Google Maps. While this might not be as big as 3D buildings or transit navigation in some of the recent updates they do have a cool new feature for those that like to get out and have some fun in the town. Today Google's update adds a notification to Google Places for live events going on nearby. So your next trip to San Fransisco you can quickly and easily find something fun to do.