Google Offers

Chromecast Offers hit UK, could be elsewhere soon

New Chromecast owners in the UK have something extra to be excited about, as Google is seeding special offers to them. For a limited (but undetermined) time, Chromecast owners who reside int he UK can visit Google’s Chromecast offers site and get £4.99 in Play Store credit.

Google Offers can now be discovered in Google Maps

Recently, Google took Offers away from the Groupon model and simply made it a portal for savings. Rather than pay for an offer which may or may not be redeemed, Google decided to simply make Offers available like coupons: save it to your device, then have it scanned when you go to the store. Now, that functionality will get a little richer with Maps integration.

Google refunding purchased and unused Google Offers

Google is getting ready to begin sending refunds to those who have purchased something through Google Offers and never redeemed the deal. Whether you simply forgot to use the offer or you weren't able to take advantage before the expiration date -- you will want to be on the lookout for an email from Google. It seems these emails have already begun showing up and Google is offering users a few options to consider.

Google Maps adds Offers and indoor features

For the second time in as many weeks, Google has added features to the Android client for Google Maps. The update brings integration with the Google Offers deal program, as well as navigation for those sparse areas where Google has mapped out the interior of buildings. The latter is only available for the US and Japan at the moment. Lastly, they've modified the Street View function to provide 360-degree panoramic views of the inside of stores and other venues.

Facebook buys TagTile – bringing coupon deals to mobile

Facebook is back in the news today for throwing around large sums of money. After buying Instagram for a whopping 1 billion dollars today we've learned they also snatched up a mobile app company called TagTile. In case you aren't huge into Facebook, today they launched Facebook Offers -- basically coupons and deals they'll send to your email for free coffee, or other discounts. TagTile will most likely be joining that system.

Google Offers adds 11 new partners while expanding to 4 more cities

Daily deal offerings like Groupon and many others are extremely popular. Google's answer to those has been Google Offers. While it is still currently in its beta stages Google has been putting tons of time, effort, and money behind it and today have some good news to announce. Bringing multiple deals all to a single and easy to use place or application Google Offers is a great alternative and today just got a little better.

Android Community Weekly : July 16, 2011

It’s the middle of July and tech news this week has been rock steady! Lets start off by saying that Google+ is now available for international users; and at this point it seems that all Google+ is missing compared to other social platforms is a wider userbase. In other Google news, their new project “Google Offers (Beta)” launched in NYC Tuesday. Think of this service as a way to save money with many different local businesses on a daily basis. This past Monday evening, HTC released information that the bootloaders of some of their more recent devices will be unlocked in the coming months of August and September. Some of their devices have already been unlocked over at XDA Developers, but I’m sure many have been awaiting an official fix.
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