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Google Now extension spotted in Chromium

We have seen signs that Google Now was heading to Chrome, however this latest bit has arrived with little room for speculation. Basically, a Google Now extension has shown up for Chromium users. The one catch, the extension is not yet functional. Trying to stay on the positive side though, this does appear to be a fairly clear sign that Google Now support is coming to the desktop.

Google Now and Project Glass are potentially the future of Android

Google Now has been one of our favorite features in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and I'm pretty sure we're not alone in that thinking either. Google's continued to update and improve both the feature in general, as well as all the backend services. However, today our very own Chris Davies and sister site SlashGear sat down with Google's Matias Duarte to talk Google Now, Project Glass, and more.

Google talks Glass, shows how it will feel and what it will do

Google has recently released some updated information regarding Google Glass. The goodies include a video showing what using Google Glass will feel like, a bit about what you can do with Google Glass and even how you may be able to get a pair ahead of others. On that last one though, keep in mind -- Google is now giving these away for free. Lets begin with the first of the three, how using Google Glass will feel, for which Google has released a video.

Google Now users get recipe recommendations

It appears as if Google has rolled out the latest addition for Google Now. The latest goodie is recipe recommendations and of course, comes in addition to the numerous other Google Now changes and updates we have seen over the past few days. This latest is basically just another card option and will work similarly to others. Those using Google to search for recipes should start noticing the new card option in Google Now.

Google Doodles now being shown in Google Now

We know you guys all love the custom and ever changing Google Doodle artwork that graces the front page of Google from time to time, and now we can enjoy it on our mobile devices in another way. For those running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google Now has received a little update behind the scenes that wasn't mentioned in yesterdays update. We now get Google Doodles right on our phone too.

Google Search update adds Google Now widget, movie passes and more

The folks from Mountain View have been on a roll lately, and they aren't slowing down anytime soon. Today Google has just updated their popular Google Search app with tons of improvements to the amazing Google Now. We've been talking about a Google Now widget lately, and today they've delivered exactly that along with multiple other new features. Read on for the full details.

Google’s support page accidentally leaks the Google Now widget

Google's support page accidentally leaked out what appears to be a Google Now widget. This is most likely a dream come true for those of you avid Google Now users. The widget is very simplistic, displaying 3 cards in a small 4x2 box. Now, not only can you have the information you want automatically delivered to you, but you can also view them with just a glance at your smartphone.

Google Now updated just in time for NCAA March Madness

Today Google Now is in the news more than once. After Google launched their new TV ad spot showcasing the impressive Google Now feature in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, now we're seeing a back-end update. We have great news for all those Basketball fans around the country. After the sports cards initially only supported a select few pro sports, we can now confirm college teams like NCAA Basketball are available.

Google Now highlighted in latest Nexus 4 commercial

For those watching the Grammy Awards this weekend, or happened to be trolling Google's Twitter account you may have seen the companies latest TV commercial. While Google doesn't put ad spots on TV much this weekend they aired their brand new Nexus 4 commercial and shared it with the world. Most of the focus however, was with their impressive Google Now feature.
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