Google Nexus S

Samsung Nexus S Android 4.0 update rolling out to Google employees

Good news guys, it appears the process has just begun and Google is pushing the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the original Samsung Nexus S. Apparently a few employees from Mountain View have received the OTA update on their very own Nexus S smartphones and it's safe to say the "dogfooding" testing has finally started. This is a great sign and I'm sure we'll see this available for download shortly.

Ice Cream Sandwich hidden feature “Android Dreams” Hands-on [Video]

The folks over at Google sure know how to have a good time. From adding Easter Egg's and random things like the Android Nyan Cat to this brand new "Dream" or screensaver feature that was uncovered in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich yesterday. The guys from Android Police gave us the first look but today I have actual hands-on video with a real device, not a render from the Android SDK. Check out this new Android Dream feature on video below.

Google Nexus S in Space Round 2 [Video]

Lets talk about a different Samsung device for a minute, this is the Google Samsung Nexus S and its made the long trek to space. Back in July we told you about the Nexus S joining the space shuttle Atlantis for its last trip to space. Today the team at Google has updated us with an awesome video clip showing some of the amazing work NASA and the Nexus S are doing so check it out after the break.

Nexus S 4G Peter Alfonso ROM Nightlys Available Now

It appears that longtime Droid-only ROM and Kernel developer Peter Alfonso has finally come over to the Samsung side to create a version of his Droid build "GPA17" for Samsung's Nexus S 4G. This ROM will be released soon, but for now you'll be adventuring through some nightly builds one by one, helping Alfonso with his developing of said ROM until it's ready for full release. Check out the sweet new flavors!

Samsung Nexus S Available on Cincinnati Bell for $149

The Google experience device known as the Samsung Nexus S is now available on your favorite regional carrier, Cincinnati Bell. According to their website you can now get the Nexus S for the low low price of just $149 (with a new 2-year contract) or you can even get the Nexus S outright for only $349 but both prices require those fun mail in rebates we all love.

Google Nexus S Joins Space Shuttle Atlantis for Final Mission

The space shuttle Atlantis may very well be the last to fly to outer space by NASA for awhile but plenty of other programs like Space X are making plans to be in space plenty over the next few years. Lucky for NASA and Google apparently a Google Nexus S was lucky enough to take flight with them today. Exciting huh?
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