Google Nexus Q

Google Nexus Q to be a no show at Google I/O

Completely overpriced and randomly announced last year was the short-lived debut of the Google Nexus Q media device. After being announced nearly a year ago at I/O 2012, then later canceled, we were hoping for some sort of rebound device or revamped Nexus Q this year. Sadly it sounds like that won't be happening. At least according to a few anonymous sources.

Google Nexus Q banished from Nexus landing page

If you've been waiting for Google to reintroduce the poorly-executed Nexus Q media streaming device, we've got some bad news for you. Google has removed the device from its Nexus landing page, which suggests that it may not be coming back anytime soon. In fact, Google may have decided to pull the plug entirely, as the Nexus landing page is now only populated by the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10.

Google begins shipping Nexus Q pre-orders

Yesterday, Google announced that it would be heading back to the drawing board with the Nexus Q. Those who pre-ordered the device aren't being left out in the cold, however, as Google announced that they will still be receiving the Nexus Q at the very reasonable price of absolutely nothing. Today, Google confirmed to Android Police that it has started shipping out those free pre-orders to customers.

Google delays launch of Nexus Q, gives free Q to those who pre-ordered

Google has officially suspended the Nexus Q media streaming devices official launch. Not delayed as in it will be shipping later than expected, instead they've basically canceled it and will be making some changes. That is why they are stating it has been suspended. A brief email is going out to those who've pre-ordered and multiple reports have just hit our inbox.

Nexus Q wait stretches to three weeks overnight

If you really wanted one of the slick, round, Google Nexus Q media streaming devices and didn't order yesterday, you're going to have to wait a few weeks. When the device launched yesterday we mentioned that the Google Play store page for the media streaming orb listed the device as in stock and shipping immediately. This morning the official Nexus Q page shows a significant shipping delay.

Google updates YouTube and Nexus Q apps

Google has issued a set of updates for multiple applications today, and a few were worth mentioning. First up was Google Movies & TV, but that wasn't anything special. The important ones are YouTube and the Nexus Q companion app. YouTube was updated to version 4.0 for ICS+ devices, same goes for many older devices too. Along with both updates YouTube now fully supports the Nexus Q.
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